Developing World-Class Digital Solutions

Carmine Cloak is a digital design agency that helps businesses gain a competitive advantage in the connected world. Our specialized services focus on branding and brand strategy consulting, logo design and visual identity development, and website design and development.

“They didn’t only provide excellent work, but they also delivered during crunch time. Great team, great work, will hire them for further design work that we’re expecting by the end of the year for sure. “

Dusan M.

CEO Ovio Company

“Carmine Cloak nailed it! Quick turnaround and awesome designs. Can’t wait for our next project together. Cheers!“

Jonathan M.

CEO M&L consulting

“These guys totally get it. Our brand looks amazing now, and they were so easy to work with. Excited for future collabs!“

Anitta K.



Website Design & Development:

Our web design and development experts will create a visually appealing, user-friendly, and responsive website that showcases your business’s services and reflects your brand identity. With our expertise, your website will provide an engaging user experience that drives conversions and grows your client base.

Why you should pick us?

Secure. Easy. Fast.



We know the process; we know the system and we know how important your digital assets are for you.



Our creative approach ensures your brand stays ahead of the curve in a constantly evolving market.


Customer Focus

Our top priority is delivering exceptional results tailored to your specific needs and goals.


Developing world class webistes.


1. Design

We collaborate with you to create a unique brand identity and design that effectively communicates your business’s values and expertise.


2. Implementation

We develop a comprehensive branding strategy and apply it consistently across all marketing channels, including website design and visual identity elements.


3. Testing and Deployment

Our team rigorously tests your website and branding elements to ensure seamless functionality and user experience before launching your new online presence.


4. Post-Deployment and Maintenance

We provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your website and branding remain up-to-date and continue to resonate with your target audience.

Developing world class webistes.



Hiring our design agency will simplify your life and save you money over time due to our knowledge, experience and expertise in the industry. In other words, you will get access to talent who have in-depth knowledge in the needed area of expertise. We keep up with the current design and market trends to craft the best custom solutions adjusted to the specific needs of your business. In addition, we offer a design guarantee on all work and services done in less than 60 days.

We provide Branding, Digital and Strategy with Consulting. Depending on your needs, we can help you with logo design, identity systems, business naming and messaging, marketing and brand collateral and environmental design. Our expertise also covers responsive web design and development, wireframing and prototyping and CMS. Finally, we offer brand strength analysis, business growth consulting and help with moving your business online.

We are available by appointment Monday to Friday 9 am-5 pm CEST but you can contact us via email, WhatsApp or chatbot on our website at any time. We will discuss the timeline during our first meeting and adjust the working hours, if necessary.

We have worked with clients all over the world! We use reliable communications and vetted processes that allow us to work with you from wherever you are.

Branding includes everything from brand conception, business naming, logo design, to the color and font selection. Your brand is your company’s identity and it is connected to everything you do. That is why we take the time to understand your business to create a brand that fully reflects who you are as a company. Afterward, our design team conducts detailed research to provide you with a specific set of custom features regarding your brand name, logo design, color or font selection. From there, your feedback will lead us to the final result.