How to Rebrand your Law Firm [A 6-Step Guide]

Read this useful 6-step guide to rebrand your law firm.


Your brand is the embodiment of your firm’s identity, values, and mission. Furthermore, it is a promise you offer to potential clients about the values you hold. Besides that, it is a promise of the experience they can expect from each interaction with your firm.

The value of your brand is connected to your ability to consistently deliver on that promise in the minds of clients and employees. A rebrand is the transformation of the external messaging, but also an opportunity to look into the company’s vision, beliefs, and brand culture.

Rebranding requires serious organization, planning, and collaboration. Here are some tips to help you rebrand your law firm:

1. Identify Rebrand Triggers

The goal of a rebranding strategy is to develop instant recognition and cause a favorable reaction to the firm. To start, a rebranding strategy should begin with the business reasons behind the rebrand.

For example, you may want to rebrand your law firm because your firm’s marketing is visually similar to that of its competition. Or your messaging and look may simply be outdated and stale and no longer reflective of your core identity.

Often it is a combination of motivations behind a rebrand. However, it is important to identify the “why,” and make it the foundation of your rebranding process. With clear objectives, it is much easier to ensure the achievement of the desired business goals of rebranding.

How do you articulate your reason for rebranding? Answer these questions:

  • What problems are you trying to solve?
  • Are there any potential risks for rebranding?
  • How would your clients react?
  • What are your resources for rebranding?
  • Which metrics have you used to determine that a rebrand would be beneficial?

Plan to rebrand your law firm if you realize that you’re facing one or several of these issues:

  • First, you do not provide a distinct reason for clients to hire that stands out from other firms
  • Next, your current branding isn’t attracting your ideal audience
  • Your firm has expanded or changed in some significant way
  • Your marketing materials appear outdated or stale
  • Furthermore, your firm’s values aren’t accurately reflected in your current branding
  • Finally, your firm as an organization is not clear on the value proposition it wants to express
Conducting a research is one step when rebranding your law firm.

2. Create a rebranding strategy

In order to create a rebranding strategy, first, you need to create a statement about who your company is. These questions will guide you through defining your core identity:

  • For a start, what is your purpose? Why do you exist? What are your services?
  • Next, what is your vision? What do you hope to achieve for your clients?
  • Furthermore, what is your mission? How do you go about achieving those goals?
  • Finally, what are your values? What do you believe in? What motivates you?

Answering these questions will help you understand the types of problems you need to solve through your rebranding strategy.

3. Conduct a research

In order to achieve a successful rebrand strategy, you must conduct thorough research. Furthermore, you must have both an understanding of your goals and your place within the markets you want to reach. Be sure to explore:

  • What is your competition doing?

How do they present themselves and how do they share what they care about? What tone seems most effective? What do you like or dislike about their visual content? Come up with a thorough list of examples to help you brainstorm ways you can creatively express the personality, values, and promise of your firm.

  • What are you doing?

Take a close look at all of your current content, both written and visual. This includes any taglines or mission statements; descriptive items like attorney bios and about pages; informational content like blog posts and articles; and visual content like photographs, videos, and illustrations.

  • How are you communicating?

Look at your brand voice across all channels. Is it consistent? Does what a visitor sees in your online presence match what they read in your print collateral or experience during an office visit? What is resonating and what is not? Thinking about this will help you get a handle on what to keep and what to improve upon.

Talk to current and previous clients and members of your firm. What do they think about your brand? What is their experience with you?

4. Keep SEO Strategy In Mind

A new brand must be universally applied across all social media. Furthermore, it should ultimately utilize SEO benefits. Don’t forget to include Google My BusinessFacebook, Linked InInstagram, and Twitter, as well as your website. Ensure that what branding visitors see on your website is the same as what they see on all other platforms. All aspects of your brand must be up-to-date after a change to help ensure you come up in searches.

Setting expectations is one step when rebranding your law firm.

5. Set Expectations

Your goal for the rebrand may be to attract more leads and cases by standing out from the crowd with a fresh, accurate depiction of who you are. You will want your new brand to boost your SEO and get your pages ranked higher in search results. Furthermore, grow trust in your firm, build your authority, and ultimately help you gain more clients

However, you can expect to encounter major or minor obstacles along the way when creating a new brand. Prevent those chances by simply setting realistic timelines and providing those involved with the tools and information they need to do their jobs.

6. Plan For The Future

Build a visual identity that is flexible, so that it can grow as you do. Do not rely entirely on the trending designs, as they can cause unnecessary rebranding sooner than you planned. Consider how your logo might be perceived in ten years, anticipating that technology and platforms will evolve. Hence, create a visual identity that is flexible to new areas of growth, intuitively designed, and accurately reflective of who you are.


Your brand should be reflected throughout every facet of your law firm. From lead generation and marketing strategy to your daily operations and website aesthetics. When your brand delivers on its promises at every touchpoint, client satisfaction, and brand awareness will increase

Branding is often the first thing that a potential client will take into account when considering your firm to represent them. And a powerful rebrand strategy will guide your approach and differentiate your legal services from others. Use these lawyer branding ideas to help you rebrand your law firm.

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