New From Justia Webinars: Law Marketing Ethics Issues in a Race for Clients

In June 2022, an Amtrak train carrying 200 passengers derailed in Missouri. Less than four hours later, attorney webpages geared toward crash victims and their families were popping up, and in less than 24 hours, law firms were announcing retained clients and new lawsuits. Stories like this illustrate how the modern legal marketplace often has lawyers racing against the clock, and each other, to sustain their practices with new clients.

In less than one week, Micah Buchdahl, experienced ethics counsel, legal marketing consultant, and President of HTMLawyers, will explore some of the ethical issues lawyers face in today’s rapid legal marketing landscape. Keep reading this post for more details.

The Presentation

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Fast-Mover Advantage: Law Marketing Ethics Issues in a Race for Clients discusses some of the issues law firms face as they compete in a fast-moving marketplace governed by Rules of Professional Conduct that vary between the states, both in the letter of the regulation and the spirit of enforcement. Topics covered will include:

  • Bates v. Arizona
  • Virtual Law Practice
  • Advertising Ethics Issues
  • The Unauthorized Practice of Law
  • Content Marketing Concerns
  • Social Media
  • And more!

The course begins promptly at 11:00 a.m. PT on Wednesday, March 15, 2023. As an exclusive Justia Connect Pro benefit, California CLE credit is also available for attendance at this presentation.

You can review the full agenda, get additional details about the presentation, and register to save your seat on this page.

How to Register

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If you are already a Justia Connect member, you can register for Fast-Mover Advantage: Law Marketing Ethics Issues in a Race for Clients directly from the webinar information page or your Justia Connect dashboard.

If you are not a Justia Connect member yet, you can get connected by claiming your free profile in the Justia Lawyer Directory. Once your profile is claimed, you can easily register to attend the presentation.

Your confirmation email and personalized Zoom access link will be delivered directly to your inbox whenever you register for this course. Be sure to save this link and keep it handy so that you can join us on presentation day!

How to Get CLE Credit

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The live presentation of Fast-Mover Advantage: Law Marketing Ethics Issues in a Race for Clients is MCLE accredited for one hour of legal ethics credit in California. Other states may award credit for attendance at this presentation on a case-by-case basis through the self-submission process for that jurisdiction.

If you are already a Justia Connect Pro, simply follow the instructions sent in your reminder email after the presentation to complete attendance verification within 48 hours of the presentation’s end. Because Justia CLE is an exclusive Justia Connect Pro benefit, members with a Justia Connect Basic Membership must first upgrade to Justia Connect Pro to be eligible to receive CLE credit for their attendance at this presentation.

Accessing Webinar Recordings

Don’t worry if you cannot attend the live version of this event! The recordings of all Justia Webinars presentations are available to Justia Connect Pro members following the presentation.

While we encourage members to take advantage of the recordings available to Justia Connect Pros in our Justia Webinars center, it is important to note that you can only obtain CLE credit for attending the live version of this presentation. However, the information remains available to our Pro members at any time!

Have More Questions?

The details for this webinar are available directly from the webinar information page. You can also obtain additional background on Micah Buchdahl via his Meet the Speaker page. If your questions are about the Justia Connect community, we invite you to explore the Justia Connect Help Center.

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