New From Justia Webinars: Finding and Researching Expert Witnesses CLE

On January 18, Justia will host our first Justia Webinar of 2023 for Justia Connect members! In this free presentation, Jim Robinson, President of JurisPro Expert Witness Directory, will lead Justia Connect members in exploring best practices for the early stages of expert witness research and usage in legal matters.

Plus, this presentation is accredited for one hour of California General MCLE credit. The availability of MCLE credit is a new benefit exclusively for Justia Connect Pro members!

What Should I Expect in the Next Justia Webinar?

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In this upcoming presentation, you can expect to learn various best practices and techniques to help you effectively select and use expert witnesses in the early stages of your cases. A wealth of information and knowledge will be shared about expert witness research and selection, including evaluating the types of experts that can further your litigation strategy, using tools and databases (including those not indexed by search engines) to locate relevant experts for your case, engaging in further expert research and credential evaluation, and obtaining deposition transcripts of opposing experts in the case.

As noted above, this presentation is approved for 1 hour of General MCLE Credit in California. However, other jurisdictions may award credit on a case-by-case basis through their self-submission process. If you are interested in CLE credit, you must upgrade to Justia Connect Pro before attending the presentation.

When Is Finding and Researching Expert Witnesses?

Finding and Researching Expert Witnesses

Finding and Researching Expert Witnesses is scheduled to begin promptly at 2:00 pm ET/11:00 am PT on Wednesday, January 18, 2023. That is in just a few short days!

To watch the live presentation, lawyers must be Justia Connect members. You can activate your free membership and attend this webinar by claiming your free Justia Lawyer Directory profile and registering through your Justia Connect dashboard.

If you are interested in obtaining CLE credit for this presentation, you must also upgrade to Justia Connect Pro and complete the post-webinar attendance verification. As an additional benefit for Justia Connect Pros, you will unlock access to all previous Justia Webinar recordings, available through the Justia Webinar Center!

How Do I Register for This Webinar?

Webinar Registration

Registration is easy for Justia Connect members! You can register for the presentation directly from the Justia Connect dashboard or register on the webinar information page.

Once registered, be sure you are keeping an eye out for your personalized Zoom access link! These access links are delivered directly to your email inbox (the email associated with your Justia Connect membership) and will be the only way to join us on presentation day!

What If I Need More Information?

Additional details about this presentation can be found on this page, while additional information about Jim Robinson is available here.

If you want additional information on Justia Connect memberships, we invite you to explore the Justia Connect Help Center. If you are interested in Justia Connect Pro, visit to review the benefits and upgrade!

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