How to Successfully Market Your Law Firm

Read to find out how to market your law firm.


Law firm marketing is the practice of attracting new potential clients to your law firm. Depending on your marketing goals, you should choose the most effective methods to market your law firm. They might include a mix of digital marketing, SEO, blogging, billboard ads etc.

With the right approach, you can easily develop and execute successful law firm marketing plan. Besides that, you can achieve any goal, whether it’s to create a sustainable solo practice or rapidly grow your firm.

Bottom line is – successful legal marketing helps you stand out from the competition and helps clients find you. Read how to properly market your law firm and check out the best tools to use in the process. Keep these practices in mind as you move forward with your marketing efforts.

Create a marketing budget

For a start, make sure you’re investing your money and time wisely. Only that way you can focus on running your law firm and conduct proper strategies. Therefore, a well-organized marketing budget is one of the key components of any law firm’s business plan.

In order to figure the cost of investment in your law firm marketing initiatives, you’ll need to identify your goals. Finally, once you’ve made your law firm marketing budget, it’s important to stay within its limits.

Build a well-designed law firm website

In the digital age, your law firm’s website is a potential client’s first impression of you. Furthermore, it’s your chance of making a great first impression on visitors who are looking to hire a lawyer. 

State the services you provide and practice areas you cover, highlight your awards, professional experiences and check if your contact information is prominently displayed. When representing your firm online, make sure your website is fast, responsive, well-designed, and secure.

Optimizing your website is one way to successfully market your law firm.

Ensure your website is search engine optimized

In order to get the most out of your law firm website, ensure your website follows SEO best practices. SEO is one of the most effective strategies you can use to rank higher in Google and generate more organic traffic. By optimizing your law firm website, you increase your visibility in Google search and drive more users to your website.

Increase your presence in the legal directories

Including your firm in the main directories is a simple and affordable way to market your law firm. Besides your website, there are plenty of opportunities to promote your law firm online. Take a look at online platforms such as Avvo, Superlawyers, FindLaw, and All Law. Furthermore, check out Google My Business and Bing Places that allow you to generate organic traffic. Submit your business information in order to boost your traffic and drive more users to your website.

Claim your social media presence

Digital marketing for law firms is a great way to attract new clients. With thoughtful investment, social media advertising can have a significant impact on your law firm’s growth. Start with discovering which social media platforms work the best for your law firm and practice area. According to recent research, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are the most used platforms for lawyer advertising. For a start, set up an effective law firm LinkedIn page.

Moreover, follow legal leaders on Twitter and engage in thoughtful conversation. Create a Facebook advertising campaign to position yourself as an authority in your niche and attract new clients. Take advantage of these massive platforms and engage with your audience in order to learn more about them. Focus on sharing relevant content and answering their questions in order to establish your brand’s awareness.

Claiming your presence on social media is an effective way to successfully market your law firm.

Manage your law firm’s online reviews

Once you’ve set up your law firm’s profiles, eventually you will start getting reviews. Practice asking your clients for an online review at the close of every case, especially if they are visibly satisfied. Use surveys and questionnaires to ask previous clients or social media followers for their feedback. Their answers will help you adjust your content to their needs and interests. Furthermore, they will help you run campaigns that speak directly to the issues your potential clients are facing.

Try content marketing

Content marketing is a great way to build your brand and its authority. For example, you can use content to present your expertise in a given area. If you can provide helpful answers to your potential client’s questions, you’ll build trust with them. Furthermore, that will make it more likely that they’ll eventually hire you. Blogging is one way to conduct your content marketing.

Begin your content strategy with keyword research to identify the key terms your audience is using to find law firms. Then, make sure your content has a clear focus and includes high-quality information. Provide valuable resources to your audience in order to help them navigate the legal process. Next, create a content schedule that includes publishing consistently, and don’t forget to optimize your blog content.

Consider traditional marketing

Depending on your location and practice area, offline marketing may be a successful way to market your law firm. Consider trying billboard, catalog, flyer or magazine marketing. However, have in mind your potential clients are likely going to conduct research online before they contact you. Therefore, maintain a relevant and professional website and present your positive client’s reviews in the visible spot.

Tracking progress is a crucial step in marketing your law firm.

Measure your law firm marketing efforts

Besides the stated, it’s equally important to measure the return on investment of your marketing efforts. Only that way you will get insights into which campaigns are bringing in new business. Logically, you’ll want to stop investing in the ones that aren’t performing well. The one way to measure your marketing efforts is by asking your clients how they heard about you.

However, the best way to track your law firm’s digital marketing efforts is by implementing website tracking. Try the free version of Google Analytics – a tool that will help you get insights into traffic to your site. Consider all metrics that are relevant to the marketing campaigns you’ve launched. Because measuring the success of your law firm’s marketing efforts is key to your law firm’s growth.

Take a client-centered approach to marketing

In short- always put your clients first in your marketing efforts. Law firms are a business like any other, and nowadays clients expect the highest quality customer experience with their lawyers. Therefore, only competitive firms that take a client-centric approach in their operations and marketing will be positioned as successful. For instance, consider your client’s pain points when crafting your website messaging. Besides highlighting your services, focus on showing empathy and addressing their pain points. Let your potential clients know you can offer a solution to their problems.


When it comes to marketing a law practice, the best approach is to plan a detailed strategy and get started. By keeping your goals in mind and taking a pragmatic approach, you’ll be positioned to make the best decisions for your business. Whatever marketing methods you choose, remember to put your current and potential clients first.

Law firms that provide high-quality customer experience will challenge themselves to operate their practices more efficiently. Depending on your goals and marketing budget, you might consider hiring a marketing consultant. A web designer, SEO specialist, or another type of marketing service could help you market your law firm properly.

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