March 2023 Google Broad Core Algorithm Update Is Now Rolling Out!

Yesterday, Google confirmed the first broad core update of 2023, a core algorithm update called the “March 2023 Core Update.” The update launched yesterday, and as usual, it may take several weeks to complete the rollout.

While it is too early to accurately assess the impact of this March 2023 update, more details will become available in the days following this initial announcement.

As Google relentlessly works to improve its search system, it historically completes numerous algorithm updates each year. You can find a list of the latest Google Search ranking updates here. These ongoing improvement efforts have undoubtedly contributed to making Google the most popular search engine in the world. 

How to Deal With a Core Update

While there is plenty of chatter amongst SEO professionals and website owners who report their tracking tools show massive volatility, it would be premature to definitively pass judgment on this most recent update. However, lawyers and legal marketers should continue to stay in the know about changes through careful monitoring so your SEO strategy can be adapted accordingly. Google typically claims you cannot do anything to change your rankings after a core update, as the core updates are designed only to improve the way its system evaluates content. However, if a core update hits your site, Google has offered a list of questions and advice to consider.

Knowing Google’s updates are planned to enhance users’ search experience, honestly evaluate your website and your content, monitor your metrics, evaluate your published pages for maximum impact, and take a deep look at the searches that drive more traffic and higher conversion rates. The best thing you can do? Stay informed, monitor your website metrics, and focus on high-quality content.

Final Thoughts: Why Do You Care?

As usual, Google will eventually confirm when the update is finished rolling out. We encourage people to run an analysis and assess any possible impacts on your ranking in search results until then. As an SEO professional or website owner, it is crucial to maintain your competitive edge by staying informed. Prioritizing your audience’s needs and seeking to provide value through your content will give you a significant competitive advantage.

As noted in previous blog posts, maintaining a law firm’s website is challenging because it frequently requires specialized knowledge and expertise to ensure optimal operation. To ensure that your website is always current and that you receive the highest return on investment, our experts stay ahead of the curve by keeping up with Google’s announcements and updates.

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