5 Things Lawyers Should Know Before Claiming Logo

Logo is a key element of law firm's brand indentity. Lawyers should consider these steps before claiming their logo.


Even though a brand is more than a logo, a strong brand starts with a strong logo. A strong brand will create certain expectations and an emotional reaction in your potential clients. Furthermore, a strong logo will build loyalty between your business and your customers.

In today’s legal marketplace and competitive environment, clients have put more pressure on attorneys and law firms to stand out from the crowd. That’s why it’s so important to choose a logo that is entirely unique for your law firm.

Here are 5 things lawyers should know before claiming their logo:

1. Check Out The Competition

Analyze competitor logos that use similar shapes or color palettes to avoid creating generic logos. This way you can differentiate yourself from direct competitors and avoid confusing consumers. Too similar logos can often come into copyright conflict, that’s why it’s so important to create a unique one for your law business. The more originality you show, the better your standings will be with brand representation and recognition and copyright law.

2. Own The Rights

Make sure you own and retain the rights to your logo before you start using it. The person who created it needs to properly transfer the ownership rights to you once they’ve fulfilled whatever contract or agreement was used to negotiate the deal.­

Owning the rights to your logo is one of the things lawyers should know before claiming their logo.

3. Trademark Your Logo

After you officially own the rights to your logo, trademark it. It is important because it will be difficult for people to make false claims against you. Consult your colleague lawyer during this step to conclude proper copyright and protect your firm against claims others may make in the future. Learn how to protect it through the federal registration process.

4. Avoid Misinterpretation

These situations are relatively common in businesses with international presences and can put your branding in a center of controversy. Certain symbols may have an offensive or insensitive connotation to specific groups of people. Check twice before claiming the logo in order to avoid portraying something discriminatory.

5. Protect Your Logo

Misuse of intellectual property is also something you should have in mind in the process. You need to be vigilant in a way of your copyright ownership and keep track of possible violations so you can put a stop to unauthorized use of property that belong to you.


Your brand identity consists of many factors and your logo is just one of them.
By claiming your logo, you achieve better positioning for your law firm and therefore, a stronger brand. A strong brand communicates what your company does and how it does it and it represents a promise you make to customers about your law firm’s service. Before claiming your logo, use this guide throughout your law firm branding process. Additionally, if you require further assistance, consult our branding experts.

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