Choosing A Law Firm Name [Ultimate Guide]

Follow these steps when choosing name for your law firm.


Your law firm name can impact the public’s perception of your practice. While one name can ensure your company’s success, the other might associate it with unwanted attributes. Therefore, naming your law firm requires some careful deliberation.

When it comes to naming your law firm, you want people to be able to recognize it and pronounce it easily. Some attorneys choose their name based on their location, region or practice area. However, unique names are those who stand out in a crowded marketplace differentiating your firm from the competition.

For a start, your law firm name should communicate:

  • Trustworthiness
  • Prestige
  • Experience

In order to choose a name for your law firm, follow these steps:

Try brainstorming

Think about what your law firm’s brand is and what you want it to be. Start by brainstorming the names for your law firm. Try out some effective brainstorming techniques such as brainwriting, mind mapping or rapid ideation. Furthermore, consider trying online generators such as Biz Name Wiz or Business Name Generator. Afterward, write down whatever comes to mind and then narrow down options for your law firm name.

Conduct a research

In addition, explore the marketplace. Take a look at what your competitors have named their law offices and how well they perform. Alternatively, look at the top firms and analyze the trends that come up in their law firm names. Don’t forget to include your target audience in this step. Your law firm’s name will appear all over your marketing—including your websitesocial media etc. Consider using a law firm name that will resonate with your target audience.

Conduct research when choosing name for your law firm,

Search for references

You’ll want to make sure your law firm’s name sounds great to everyone, not just you. Your friends, family or professional peers may have additional good ideas. Ask your friends, colleagues or a professional writer for help with reviewing your options. Get feedback from people who fit the profile of somebody who will become a client or refer clients to you.

Check availability

As a legal business, you are obligated to follow the Rule of Professional Conduct 7.5 when choosing a firm name. Be sure to check your jurisdiction’s law firm naming rules as every state has different rules. Inspect the cultural and geographical meanings of your name propositions and if they fit your law firm brand. Check the URL and business name for your law firm name through GoDaddy or If the domain and business name is available, you can purchase the domain and register your business.

When choosing your law firm name, don't forget to check availability.

Consider trademarking

If you chose one of the modern law firm names, you may want to trademark it. Once you have a list of at least five to ten law firm names you will need to make sure that they are not already in use or trademarked. By doing it early, you can avoid having another law firm or business use your name in the future. Registering a trademark for your law firm involves submitting an application and a fee. You can do this online with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.


The law firm name you choose is the first of the many critical decisions to make when starting a legal business. It is important to take the time, do the research and do your due diligence. Your law firm’s name should inspire chosen qualities that are important to you. Besides, your law firm’s name is going to impact nearly everything your firm does. From your business cards to your website, your email signature to your front door. Therefore, it should be easily incorporated into your brand identity.

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