6 Essential Rules in Law Firm Branding

“Products are built in the factory, brands are created in the mind.”

Walter Landor

Conduct a thorough market research as a first step for your law firm branding.

What is branding?

Branding is a process of discovering your unique attributes, communicating these attributes to your audience and managing how your audience perceives that brand.
In other words – it is about how others feel about your firm.

Here are some essential law firm branding rules:

1. Conduct a market research

In order to engage with the market, you need to understand it first. Start by conducting thorough market research to gather information about your business’s buyer personas, target audience and customers. Don’t forget to perform Competitive Analysis Research because it gives you a deep understanding of the competition in your market and industry.

2. Identify your brand’s voice

Your brand voice represents the unique way you talk to your customers.
The first step in developing your brand voice is establishing your brand identity. Start by setting up your vision, mission, and values that will help your company stand out amongst the competition.

Setting up your law firm values is an important step towards the improvement of your law firm branding.

3. Define your ideal client

In order to speak to your ideal buyer, you need to define who you want to serve. Start by describing which clients will benefit most from your services. After that, create a client persona or an image of your ideal client. In addition, list his demographics, motivations, goals, challenges, and pain points and align them with what you have to offer. Click here to download the Buyer Persona template.

4. Communicate your UVP

Unique Value Proposition is a key marketing tool that communicates the services you offer and how they solve your client’s needs. It also differentiates your service from the competition and positions it as the best possible option on the market. It is a promise of value you make to your customers to be delivered and the main reason they should buy from you. In order to communicate your UVP properly, you need to set up your brand’s voice.

Communicating your unique value proposition is an important step in your law firm branding.

5. Be clear and consistent

Communicating your brand message should be clear and consistent. Avoid being unclear because your audience won’t understand the message you are trying to communicate. In short, consistency is important to your audience because otherwise, they won’t be able to recall you. Remember that consistency is based on safety, and safety leads to trust. Trust is the main reason why customers want to engage with your services in the first place.

6. Listen & evolve

Most importantly, don’t forget to listen to your customers in order to improve overall legal branding. Your customer’s feedback is vital. Use it to maintain your relationship with the clients and come up with new or improved services. In conclusion, the quality of customer service can effectively enhance your brand’s image. Keep an open mind and cultivate strong customer-client relations in order for greater exposure and increase in sales. Follow these rules in order to improve your law firm branding.

95% of purchasing decisions are subsconcious.

“Upwards of 78% of anything you buy isn’t based on the content, but rather on the way the product or service makes you feel.“

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