How to Create a Successful Law Brand Message

Read about the phases you need to go through in order to create a successful law brand message.


Behind every strong law brand stands a strong brand message. A brand message is a statement that declares what the brand stands for and how it stands apart from competitors. In other words, it communicates the values and key differentiators that define the law brand.

The core brand message is a foundation to all of your law firm’s marketing messages. Defining the brand message is a process that demands in-house, audience and market analysis. These are the necessary phases you need to go through in order to create a successful law brand message:

Identify your target audience

Defining your brand message should start with answering the question of who is your company talking to. In other words- describe your ideal client persona and align it with the company’s reality. Your brand message will have a significant impact on the brand’s tone of voice and in general your style of communication. Once you know who your ideal customer is, you can craft a message that connects with them.

Search for references

If you’re still developing your brand, you’ll need to gather data on your competitors’ audience, instead. Learning from successful brands is a good start when developing your company’s brand messaging. Research successful law brands in your industry in order to observe and analyze their brand messages. Use the research data to understand how can your company structure brand message patterns. Brands often have multiple target audiences. If that’s your case, you’ll need to adapt your brand messaging accordingly.

Observe market trends in order to create a successful law brand message.

Observe market trends

The market always brings good trends that can be of great help to your brand. Trends are essential to understand how brand messaging has evolved. Trends are not limited to language but also include the ways of applying the brand messages in campaigns. A good idea is to perform this analysis through social media channels. It’s important to understand how companies have used these platforms to convey their values.

Define your company’s value proposition

The value proposition will be the starting point of your communication strategy. Each company has its value proposition, which is the foundation of its brand messaging plan. In order to have an effective brand message, a company needs to be true to its value proposition. After identifying your audience and the market, the value proposition is the starting point to determine the benefit your company will bring to consumers. The value that the brand holds will be your guide when it comes to defining the tone of voice and general communication approach.

Discover your brand’s tone of voice

The brand’s tone of voice is an essential part of branding that will guide the message delivery. It needs to be aligned with the company values and your ideal client persona. To properly convey your brand’s message, you have to discover your company’s tone of voice. Have in mind that your tone should reflect your brand’s personality. Once discovered, focus on its consistency and apply it across all channels and content. 

Establish brand guidelines in order to create a successfull law brand message.

Establish brand communication guidelines

Communication guidelines are a great help for the company to set an important standard that upholds compliance to essential issues. Set up expressions and phrases that refer to the company’s core business addressing the specific values that each company embraces. Create brand guidelines – a common marketing mechanism, similar to brand manual but focused on-brand messaging. It will help you maintain a consistent voice across all channels, including your website and marketing materials. Once you’ve created these guidelines, distribute them to every member of your team and incorporate them appropriately.

Establish Your Brand Story

Your brand story is one more way to connect with your customers. Therefore, make it a part of your brand messaging strategy. A good story, told well, can help your customers emotionally connect with your brand. It’s no secret that brand loyalty can be heavily driven by emotional connections. 


In conclusion, creating a successful law brand message strategy is going to be a vital part of your business’s success. Accordingly, it can be done with some planning and thorough research. It is possible to craft that perfect brand message that is true to your brand and resonates with your customers. Start with meeting the needs of your target audience and finding a way to communicate with them. Meanwhile, don’t forget to keep your brand message consistent across all your channels. That will help you connect with your customers on a deeper level and establish brand loyalty.

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