Justia Wins 2022 LegalTech Breakthrough Award For “Legal Education Innovation of the Year”

Earlier this month, Justia received the news that it was selected as the winner of the “Legal Education Innovation of the Year” award in the third annual LegalTech Breakthrough Awards for the Justia U.S. Law School Center. This year’s program attracted more than 1,450 nominations from over 12 different countries worldwide.

Justia is proud to join the winners of this award in celebrating technology and innovations that stand out in transforming the legal industry! In this post, we are sharing more about this exciting award and the Justia products that earned recognition.

The Award

LegalTech Breakthrough Award 2022 Badge

As technology and software continue to evolve in the legal industry and transform the traditionally conservative legal market, LegalTech Breakthrough strives to provide a platform “for recognition [of] standout legal technology companies, services and products throughout the world.”

This year, Justia is proud to be the Legal Education Innovation of the Year winner, having been selected from amongst the various nominated candidates embodying technological evolution in legal education. As noted by Bryan Vaughn, Managing Director of LegalTech Breakthrough Awards, “Applying to law school comes along with a lot of questions. The law school admission process can be daunting, especially for first-generation students or those who are unfamiliar with the legal education system. It’s important that law schools attract students from a broad range of educational disciplines. Law schools are more interested in how well you performed in college than by your specific undergraduate major. However, navigating the admissions process can be a challenge no matter what your major was.”

The Justia U.S. Law School Center

US Law Schools

Justia provides a wealth of information through our U.S. Law School Center to assist future lawyers as they work through the law school admissions process. Visitors to the center can find data on law school rankings, ABA accreditation, financial aid, career resources, and more.

After these aspiring law students enroll, Justia continues supporting soon-to-be lawyers throughout their academic journeys by easing access to legal resources in the Justia Legal Portal.

Justia Case Law Outlines

Justia recently launched our new case law outlines, covering over 32 topics and 2,600 cases, to help law students gain a better understanding of foundational legal topics and further equip them with access to additional resources, such as the full case text. When available, students can also easily review resources they won’t find in a traditional casebook, including annotations from licensed attorneys, audio recordings of oral arguments, and more.

Justia Legal Guides

Outside of the law school center and our new case law outlines, the Justia Portal offers numerous resources aimed at increasing access to the law that can further help law students in their academic journeys, as well as anyone else interested in learning more about the law and legal resources.

For instance, Justia maintains a database covering various cases, codes, regulations, and statutes for all 50 U.S. states, as well as numerous provisions of federal law. All of these resources can be accessed for free on our site, and we also include previous versions of various bodies of law that students can use to track the evolution of legislation over time. We also offer access to trademark databases, federal court dockets, contracts, and more!

Final Thoughts

In the words of Bryan Vaughn, “Through its resources, Justia is creating a new, growing digital space to break down barriers to legal education and help new, passionate lawyers join the profession.”

At Justia, we are pleased to receive this recognition and proud to continue increasing access to the law for both students in the future! If you are interested in exploring our tailored resources for law students, we invite you to explore the Justia U.S. Law School Center. We also encourage students to check out the numerous additional resources available through our larger Justia Legal Portal.

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