Justia Lawyer Directory by the Numbers: Fourth Quarter 2022

Another quarter has come and gone and 2022 is starting to feel like a distant memory. But it was only a little over one month ago that we were rounding out the final days of last year. Our team kicked off the new year by checking out some of the data for the Justia Lawyer Directory in 2022, and we are back again with another update for all of you!

Want to know where lawyers came from that joined our directory in the last quarter of last year? Interested in seeing which schools they attended or in which areas of the law they practice? Keep reading to find out!

Where Do Our Lawyers Come From?

New states entered the mix during quarter four last year for the most profiles claimed in the Justia Lawyer Directory – three new states in fact from quarter three!

In the final months of last year, lawyers from California, New York, Texas, Florida, Michigan, Illinois, Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Colorado most frequently claimed their profiles in the Justia Lawyer Directory.

Profile Claims by State 4th Quarter 2022

What Types of Law Do They Practice?

When lawyers are completing their Justia Lawyer Directory profiles, they can add over 50 different practice areas to their Justia Profile! By selecting the practice areas that most closely align with their preferred case types, lawyers can better connect with clients and users can better find the right lawyer for their matter.

From October 1, 2022 – December 31, 2022, lawyers in these practice areas most frequently claimed their Justia Lawyer Directory profiles: Personal Injury, Family Law, Criminal Law, Business Law, Estate Planning, Divorce, Real Estate Law, DUI & DWI, Probate, and Employment Law.

Profile Claims by Practice Area 4th Quarter 2022

Where Did the Lawyers in the Justia Lawyer Directory Attend School?

Lawyers are typically well-educated individuals who spend a significant amount of additional time in an academic setting to earn their Juris Doctor. Across the nation, thousands of lawyers have attended virtually countless institutions at the various stages of their academic journeys. These institutions of higher education had the most alumni claiming their Justia Lawyer Directory profiles in the fourth quarter 2022.

Top 10 Law Schools

Top 10 Schools for Profile Claims 4th Quarter 2022

  1. South Texas College of Law (Houston, Texas)
  2. Thomas M. Cooley Law School, Western Michigan University (Lansing, Michigan)
  3. University of Detroit, Mercy Law School (Detroit, Michigan)
  4. Seton Hall University School of Law (Newark, New Jersey)
  5. New York University School of Law (New York, New York)
  6. Mississippi College School of Law (Jackson, Mississippi)
  7. Southern Methodist University, Dedman School of Law (Dallas, Texas)
  8. University of Houston Law Center (Houston, Texas)
  9. William S. Boyd School of Law – University of Nevada, Las Vegas (Las Vegas, Nevada)
  10. New York Law School (New York, New York)

Top 10 Undergrad Schools

Top 10 Undergrad Colleges for Profile Claims 4th Quarter 2022

  1. University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign (Champaign, Illinois)
  2. University of Florida (Gainesville, Florida)
  3. Texas A&M University (College State, Texas)
  4. University of Texas – Austin (Austin, Texas)
  5. University of Georgia (Athens, Georgia)
  6. University of Arizona (Tucson, Arizona)
  7. University of Washington (Seattle, Washington)
  8. Brigham Young University (Provo, Utah)
  9. University of Massachusetts – Lowell (Lowell, Massachusetts)
  10. Florida International University (Miami, Florida)

Bonus: Common Lawyer Names

As an extra bit of fun, we also take a look each quarter at some of the most popular names for lawyers based on our directory. Check out the list below of popular first names from the attorneys who claimed their profiles last quarter

Most Common Lawyer Names 4th Quarter 2022

Final Thoughts: Why Do You Care?

The Justia Lawyer Directory receives millions of visits each month! In 2022 alone, over 400,000 unique lawyers were viewed in our directory and more than 1.3 phone calls alone were initiated to lawyers from the Justia Lawyer Directory.

Getting listed for free in the Justia Lawyer Directory is a great way to improve your online presence while connecting with new potential clients! As a bonus, claiming your profile also activates your free Justia Connect membership and even helps you influence the data you will see in the next edition of Justia Lawyer Directory by the Numbers.

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