Justia Ask A Lawyer by the Numbers: Third Quarter 2022

Justia Ask A Lawyer is our free form enabling consumers to anonymously submit their questions about the law to be answered by licensed attorneys! Participating attorneys can help consumers by providing basic answers to these questions and gain increased exposure to potential clients on the Justia platform.

Each quarter, this series shares insights into the usage and participation data for Justia Ask A Lawyer with all of you! Keep reading this post to learn more about the recent trends on the platform.

Which Practice Areas Receive the Most Questions?

Justia Ask A Lawyer allows users to categorize their questions into over 75 practice areas to better connect with lawyers in the right area of expertise to answer their questions effectively.

The questions users submit through the forum are diverse and cover many of these practice areas! However, five practice areas were the most active for questions received in the third quarter of 2022: criminal law, family law, real estate law, landlord-tenant law, and divorce.

Practice Areas that receive most questions graphic

Which States Submit the Most Questions?

The users submitting questions through the Justia Ask A Lawyer forum live in cities and towns across the country! During the third quarter of 2022, California, Florida, Texas, Michigan, and Kentucky continued to lead the way as the top five states from which users submit questions. These states were followed by New York, Tennessee, Georgia, Ohio, and New Jersey.

Graphic of "Which States submit the most questions?"

What Are the Most Active Practice Areas in Each State?

Justia Ask A Lawyer users face diverse legal matters spanning numerous practice areas! In the chart below, you can check out which practice areas were most active in each state during the third quarter.

Three Most Active Practice Areas By State – Q3 2022

Real Estate Immigration Law Family Law
Civil Litigation International Law Criminal Law
Probate Child Custody
Car Accidents Employment Law Family Law
Civil Rights Landlord-Tenant Law Landlord-Tenant Law
Criminal Law Family Law Child Custody
Family Law Real Estate Law Immigration Law
Estate Planning Bankruptcy Employment Law
Personal Injury Personal Injury
Family Law Criminal Law Personal Injury
Real Estate Law Family Law Real Estate Law
Contracts Divorce Car Accidents
Criminal Law Criminal Law Criminal Law
Civil Rights Traffic Tickets Family Law
Family Law Employment Law Traffic Tickets
Collections Contracts Criminal Law
Consumer Law Business Law Family Law
Bankruptcy Bankruptcy Child Custody
Family Law Criminal Law Criminal Law
Child Custody Child Custody Real Estate Law
Divorce Family Law Landlord-Tenant Law
Divorce Family Law Real Estate Law
Probate Real Estate Law Civil Rights
Child Custody Child Custody Federal Crimes
Personal Injury Contracts Divorce
Criminal Law Real Estate Law Employment Law
Family Law Personal Injury Trademark
Child Custody Real Estate Law Landlord-Tenant Law
Family Law Construction Law Family Law
Divorce Bankruptcy Traffic Tickets
Personal Injury Family Law Real Estate Law
Probate Real Estate Law Estate Planning
Bankruptcy Landlord-Tenant Law Civil Litigation
Libel & Slander Family Law Criminal Law
Small Claims Real Estate Law Family Law
Criminal Law Landlord-Tenant Law Estate Planning
Landlord-Tenant Law Real Estate Law Divorce
Estate Planning Estate Planning Criminal Law
Consumer Law Traffic Tickets Domestic Violence
Family Law Personal Injury Criminal Law
Divorce Appeals/Appellate Law Real Estate Law
Child Custody Civil Rights Traffic Tickets
Criminal Law Criminal Law Insurance Bad Faith
Family Law Real Estate Law
Real Estate Law Traffic Tickets
Real Estate Law Employment Law Personal Injury
Divorce Car Accidents Family Law
Criminal Law Traffic Tickets Collections
Family Law Contracts
Child Custody Appeals/Appellate Law

What Are the Most Searched Terms on Justia Ask A Lawyer?

Justia Ask A Lawyer is a resource that allows users to submit questions and browse previously answered anonymous questions. This word cloud illustrates 25 of the most frequently searched terms and keywords users leveraged to search the Justia Ask A Lawyer forum between July 1 and September 30 this year.

Most searched terms on Justia Ask a Lawyer

Who Are the Most Active Attorneys on Justia Ask A Lawyer?

Justia Ask A Lawyer is made possible in part by the attorneys who donate their valuable time to answering the questions users submit on our site. In exchange for answering questions, participating lawyers enjoy increased exposure on the Justia platform while showcasing their legal knowledge to potential clients.

The following 10 lawyers were amongst the most active attorneys on the forum last quarter: Timothy Denison, Anthony M. Avery, Tim Akpinar, James Arrasmith, James R. Dickinson, Terrence H. Thorgaard, Penny Wymyczak-White, Neil Pedersen, John Michael Frick, and Dale S. Gribow.

Most active lawyers

Where Did Active Lawyers Attend Law School?

The lawyers participating in the Justia Ask A Lawyer forum were educated at institutions across the United States. The data shows that alumni from the 10 law schools listed below led the way for Justia Ask A Lawyer participation during the third quarter of 2022.

Graphic of "Where did active lawyers attend law school?

  1. Samford University Cumberland School of Law – Birmingham, Alabama
  2. University of Illinois Chicago John Marshall Law School – Chicago, Illinois
  3. University of Baltimore Law School – Baltimore, Maryland
  4. Lewis & Clark Law School – Portland, Oregon
  5. Oklahoma City University School of Law – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  6. University of Maine School of Law – Portland, Maine
  7. Seton Hall University School of Law – Newark, New Jersey
  8. University of Nevada – Las Vegas William S. Boyd School of Law – Las Vegas, Nevada
  9. University of South Carolina School of Law – Columbia, South Carolina
  10. University of Connecticut School of Law – Hartford, Connecticut

Final Thoughts: Why Do You Care?

As consumers tend to look online for legal information, forums like Justia Ask A Lawyer become increasingly valuable both for helping people find answers to their questions and helping lawyers expand their practices.

Ready to get started? Start answering questions now. You can also sign up for notifications to ensure you never miss a new question alert in your key practice areas.

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