15 Ways to Improve Your Law Firm and Make It Stand Out

Read how to make your law firm stand out from the competition.


In an environment where change happens overnight and new competitors emerge every day, law firms have to differentiate themselves to survive. However, being different is often hard when you typically offer the same services. Through marketing, your law firm can be highlighted in a different light. That way it can make your company seem easily accessible, modern, customer-friendly and impactful.

Creating something unique and valued by your clients will differentiate your service from the competition. A great brand strategy revolves around clearly and honestly articulating what makes your firm different from the competitors. We’ve summed up 15 ways to improve your law firm and make it stand out in the market:

Position your law brand as unique

Discover what makes your law brand unique and find ways to position it apart from the competition. When trying to come up with a unique selling point, contemplate what you offer that your competitors do not. For instance, if you take cases involving a particular type of personal injury or wrongful death, highlight this fact.

Some law firms highlight the fact that they only hire lawyers from certain prestigious universities. Regardless of how trivial a difference with a competitor may seem, it can help you attract a wider audience. Consulting with a marketing firm can help you discover these differences and use them to your advantage.

Provide transparency and collaboration in pricing

Improve your law firm by providing transparency and collaboration in pricing. For example, offer flat fees, hybrid billing or alternative price structures. Furthermore, ask your clients what works best for them. Above all, avoid surprising them when the bill arrives.

Ask your clients for feedback

Talk to your clients about what they want them to change or do in a different way and then act on those comments and suggestions. As a result, your law firm will be more attractive to clients and retain them longer.

Answer common questions

This type of content helps to separate those who are actually interested in your firm’s business from those who are just seeking information. The results of this content could actually improve the quality of calls your company receives, with clients actually willing to pay for your services. How you answer these questions may be different than any other lawyer or law firm out there, and this may be a deciding factor on a potential client giving you a call.

Answering common questions is one way to make your law firm stand out in the market.

Provide lots of educational content

Similar to answering common questions, this type of content may focus on a specific topic. Maybe new laws that were enacted in your city or state may need some legal clarification. Make this content informative, providing some practical insight for the average layperson. For example, be an authority figure by offering knowledge and advice through blogs. People love reading blogs if they are easy to read or they have interesting visual material. Research trending topics and start writing.

Collect reviews and customer testimonials

Include customer success stories because people love to hear other people’s experiences with your brand. Tap into the emotional side of the story, connect with your audience, make it relatable and provide the right solutions. Most importantly, tell people where they can contact you. For example, insert a Testimonials section on your website.

Improve your social media presence

Make your law firm stand out by improving your social media presence. For a start, familiarize people with your regular offering. Post relevant content on a daily level and listen to your digital audience. Furthermore, try sharing content such as behind the scenes or an important interview to build a connection with your audience.

Communicate Your Accomplishments

When trying to find a lawyer, most people want someone with a great deal of experience. Failing to provide consumers with details about your accomplishments in the legal field can create problems when it comes to landing new clients.

One of the best ways to detail these accomplishments in real-time is by putting out press releases. Make copies of these press releases and put them on your website. By doing this, you can show visitors to the site all about the money you have earned for your clients. Recognition in a newspaper or an award from a reputable organization will increase your recognition.

If you are in a local newspaper or are recognized by a reputable organization, you are going to get a better reputation. For one thing, your name is recognized one more time and it has a good source that people trust. The more exposure you have, the more brand awareness you are creating. For example, people may click on your website or be able to recognize your logo when they see it somewhere.

Increasing availability is one way to make your law firm stand out from the competiiton.

Increase availability

Include chatbots in your regular service in order to achieve maximum accessibility. Chatbots don’t delay and can offer solutions right away. Furthermore, they can automate answers for what your client responds with, asking them what they need help with. Moreover, they can answer FAQs, give them a number to call or directing them to your website.

Maintain relationships with clients

After you have worked with a client, make sure to send them the appropriate thank you card. An email or a small postcard will do the trick with a personalized message from their lawyer. If you maintain a good relationship with your clients, they are likely to use you again in the future or recommend you to their family and friends.

Show you care

Improve your law firm by showing your clients you care. It is important to be unique from your competition, especially since you are offering the same service. Go the extra mile and all of these things will make the client feel welcomed and appreciated. It’s all about relationship building and establishing the relationship. Especially in what could be a difficult and stressful time for your client depending on the case, they will feel like you care.

Include powerful imagery in your branding

According to the science statistics, human brain can process visual information 60,000 times faster than other types of data. A regular consumer is digesting large amounts of digital content each day and you should use it to your leverage. Visual marketing captures your audience’s attention by making use of images, photos with text overlays, videos etc.

Improving customer services is one way to make your law firm stand out in the market.

Provide superior customer service

improve your law firm by providing exceptional service. Solve problems in the fastest, least expensive way for clients. Communicate effectively and consistently. Return emails and phone calls timely. If you are unable to, let your clients know when you will be available. 

Ask clients for feedback, including written surveys at the completion of a matter. The truth is, clients will be your best referral source. Furthermore, your referrals from really satisfied clients and referral attorneys should increase over time. 

In addition, ask really satisfied clients for testimonials to weave into your website. In short, it’s convenience and the quality of the customer service that people value and remember. And those are the principles around which you should build your law practice.

Keep healthy company culture

It’s important above all, to maintain a healthy company culture. Value your employees as much as you value your clients and referral sources. Your employees are your brand ambassadors and the face of your business to the world. If you treat them well, they will care about making you look good.

Keep your brand message consistent

Consumers react favorably when presented with a consistent brand image. Once you decide on what your brand message will be, make sure it is included in all forms of media. This includes your website, social media profiles, and any branded videos you put out. Successful law firm branding allows you to present a professional image to your audience. Clear and concise brand messaging will help you attract more clients over time.


During these times of unprecedented change in the legal sector, you need to be able to differentiate your services. When it comes to legal marketing, finding ways to improve your law firm and make it stand out can make a difference. For example, it can mean a client choosing you over your competitors and so much more. Utilize the techniques above to impact your future law firm growth strategies.

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