How to create a buyer persona for law firm

Read how to create a buyer persona for law firm.


One of the most effective ways to boost your marketing efforts is by creating buyer persona for law firm. Creating buyer personas helps you figure out who is your target audience and how can you personalize their shopping experience. Furthermore, it shows you how your customers engage with your business. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to find out what they need and what common challenges they face.

A buyer persona is also known as a customer persona, client persona, audience persona or marketing persona. Defining your customer persona helps you create content to better target your ideal customer.

A customer persona represents the key traits of a large segment of your audience. Moreover, it is based on the data you’ve collected from user research and web analytics. It gives you valuable insights into your prospective customers problems and the opportunity to offer them a solution.

Furthermore, buyer personas reveal insights about your buyers’ decisions such as the certain attitudes, concerns and specific criteria. They can also provide tremendous value to your organization. For example, they can help everyone on your team:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of customer needs and how to solve for them
  • Guide service development by creating features that help them achieve their desired outcomes
  • Prioritize which projects, campaigns and initiatives to invest time and resources in
  • Create alignment across the organization and rally other teams around a customer-centric vision

A proper crafted buyer persona will allow you to personalize your marketing by delivering your target customer a superior experience. In other words, you will craft marketing messages targeted specifically to your customer persona. As a result, they will guide everything from product development to your brand voice to the social channels you use.

Consider these steps when creating the perfect buyer persona for law firm:

1. Do thorough audience research

Your buyer persona should be based on the existing data. Therefore, collect data on your existing customers and social audience. Consider details like age, location, language, interests, challenges, education, employment etc. To gather this information, use Social media analytics, especially Facebook Audience Insights and Google Analytics.

Furthermore, arrange a phone call, or have one-on-one conversations with your customers via social media platforms. Moreover, create a short survey and email it to your subscribers to gather information from a larger audience group.

These types of surveys can help you understand your customers better. You can derive relevant information without investing much time or effort. The survey could include questions like:

  • What kind of content would you like to receive from our brand?
  • Do you find our services valuable?
  • How can we improve our products or services to serve you in a better way?

2. Locate your audience

You need to reach your customers using the right channels. Start by learning where they already spend time online. Some great tools to help include:

Hootsuite Insights Powered by Brandwatch: Find top relevant sites, hashtag  and authors Find top referring sites for relevant hashtags

Google Analytics: See which social networks appear in your referral traffic report

Another effective way to research your ideal customer persona is to conduct online research. For example, you can track your customers social media profiles or any websites they are associated with.

These online platforms, especially Facebook and LinkedIn, can help you uncover relevant information about what your customers like and dislike. This information can help you fill out your customer persona details.

Research your audience before creating your buyer persona for law firm.

3. Conduct a competitive research

Conduct a competitive research in order to achieve better understanding of your market. Competitive research can reveal trends in the marketplace and gaps in your marketing strategy. You can use them as your advantage when crafting ideal buyer persona for law firm.

Competitive research helps you understand why customers choose to buy from your competitors and how are they marketing their products. Over time, this can help you improve your own marketing programs and your customer persona image.

Try useful tools such as Buzzsumo to search for top shared content across social networks, including engagement data. Monitor your competitors’ posts and look for patterns in hashtags, post type and content strategy.

4. Identify customer pain points

Pain points are problems your potential customers are trying to solve. When identifying them, ask yourself the following questions.

What problems are your potential customers trying to solve? What’s holding them back from success? What barriers do they face in reaching their goals?

One way to find out is to engage in some social listening and social media sentiment analysis.

Set up search streams to monitor mentions of your brand, services and competitors. It will give you a real time look into what people are saying about you online. You can learn why they love your service or which parts of the customer experience are just not working.

Moreover, check in with your customer service team to see what kinds of questions they get the most. Find out if they can help you identify patterns about which groups tend to face different kinds of challenges.

5. Identify customer goals

Goals or aspirations are positive things they want to achieve. When identifying them, ask yourself the following questions.

What motivates your customers? What’s their end game?

Your personas’ goals are important even if they don’t relate specifically to your product’s features. They can be the foundation of a campaign or simply inform the approach you take in your marketing.

Social listening can be a good way to gather this information, too. Moreover, your sales team can be a good source of insight on customer goals. Your salespeople talk to people who are thinking about using your services.

They have a deep understanding of what your customers are trying to achieve by using your services. Ask them for any tactics they use to overcome buyer objections when selling your services.

Consult your team members when creating buyer persona for law firm.

6. Understand how you can help

Now that you understand your customers’ pain points and goals, create a clear picture of how your service can help. As part of this step, you’ll need to dig deep to analyze the benefits you offer to customers.

A feature is what your product is or does. A benefit is how your service makes your customer’s life easier or better. Ask yourself three key questions for each of the pain points and goals you’ve collected:

  • How can we help? Capture that in one clear sentence and add it to your persona template.
  • What are your audience’s main purchasing barriers? How can you help overcome them?
  • Where are your followers at in their buying journey? Are they researching or ready to buy?

7. Create your buyer persona

Once you’ve gathered all of the required information, think of a name for your persona. This can help you come up with more personalized content and establish more effective communication.

Next, include every collected information, such as pain points and goals, age, education, home situation etc. These details will help you to create a more realistic image of your buyer persona. As a result, your messages will resonate better with them and attract them to you.

Afterwards, give your ideal customer avatar a face. Browse through stock images and see if you can find a picture to associate with him. Create a short “life story” for your customer avatar. Don’t forget to describe both who each persona is now and who they want to be. This allows you to start thinking about how your services can help them get to that place of ambition.

Use your ideal customer avatar to connect with your target market. Think about your buyer personas every time you create content, ad copy or marketing material. Master the art of feeling and thinking exactly as your ideal customer does. That way you will be able to create marketing campaigns that resonate with him.


Building customer persona can help you understand your target audience better and enable you to provide rich experience to them. When you provide valuable services to your target audience, it will be a win-win situation for everyone.

Creating a buyer persona for law firm is an excellent way to boost your marketing and sales strategy. Besides improving your customer service, it drives higher engagement.

Make sure to include your team members in the process as every individual provides different information and perspectives. Once you have major key points in place, you can create your ideal buyer persona for law firm.

Your buyer persona is a crucial part for your business success.

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