How Can Lawyers Get More Clients

Read about the ways lawyers can get more clients in 2021.


Whether you’ve started your own practice or joined an existing one, career success largely depends on the same thing- clients. Here are some tips on how to get more clients for your business:

Start with networking

For a start, ongoing networking can bring new potential sources and referrals. Besides having your colleague attorneys as referrals, it’s also important to build your network outside the legal profession. The real key to networking is to build a network with people outside of law but within your target industry.

Begin networking by looking for events listed on platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook and sites like Meetup. Have in mind that networking is a long-term approach to gaining new business. Don’t try to sell your services at the beginning. Instead, build a relationship with new referrals and convert them to clients eventually.

Create a quality website

Having a high-performing website is a key factor that will impact your business’s success. When it comes to having a successful law firm website, the most vital element is your content. Consider communicating a clear, concise message and providing your visitors with quality content. Besides that, your site should have a unique and aesthetic appeal. Having a competitive design will make your company differentiate from others in the market.

Practice online marketing in order to get more clients in 2021.

Practice online marketing

Online marketing for lawyers has become a highly competitive space over the past decade. If you want to succeed in today’s legal world, you’ve got to be present online. Besides that, you need to use modern technology in order to grow your law practice. Try some common ways to get clients through online marketing such as SEO, Blogging, Social Media, Email marketing, YouTube etc.

Search Engine Optimization or shortly SEO is the process of optimizing your website for organic search results. These changes can have a valuable impact on your website’s user experience and overall performance. SEO helps your potential customers discover your content and that’s why you should consider this step to be your first.

Blogging and Email Marketing – Starting a law firm blog with plenty of useful content is a great way to establish credibility within your target audience. Besides informing your readers, try sending out periodic updates to them in order to promote your law firm on a regular basis.

Social Media – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are great platforms to share your law firm updates and interact with your audience. In order for you to stand out, you need to deliver informative and interesting content. Keep in mind that these platforms require consistency in posting.

YouTube – Creating free video guides is a great way to generate awareness and get people to your website or blog. Using video introductions of your law firm helps clients feel more comfortable about approaching you.

Avvo – If you haven’t done it so far, check out the popular platform for lawyers. Sign up for a free profile and work to increase your Avvo rating in order to gain prospective clients.

Cultivate your referrals in order to get more clients in 2021.

Cultivate your referrals

Your clients aren’t just your clients; they’re also potential referral sources. Therefore, make sure you deliver an excellent job. Focus on your current referrals and take time to cultivate meaningful relationships with them. Ensure that you’re open to helping these clients. Don’t forget to reach out, thank them and encourage them. Not only leads will keep on coming, but they’ll also multiply as well. Cultivating quality relationships with both clients and lawyers is the key to building your law practice through referrals. Doing little things goes a long way and encourages repeat business. Show people you care and that you truly value them.

Prioritize online reviews

The condition to receiving reviews is claiming the presence on sites likes Google, Facebook, Avvo, Yelp etc. Encourage your clients to leave a review of your firm on social media, online directories or Google. Present them with a lot of opportunities and reminders. Include a message telling people how much you value their feedback by leaving their reviews.


By focusing on the strategies above you can improve your law practice and get more clients for your business. If you combine all the given techniques with a consistent effort, you will surely find success. If you want to learn more about this or similar topics, we recommend reading 12 Reasons Why You Don’t Get Clients.

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