Family LAw


1. About Project.

Our client had a very specific request – branding for their law agency, while targeting two completely different audiences. The original look and feel oriented towards Family Law are present in both designs.


UX/UI Website Design


Morgan & Stauss Family Law


2. About Morgan
& Stauss.

Morgan and Stauss are Attorneys at Law based in New York. Their practice is focused exclusively on Family Law, including divorce, child custody, testaments and will, and child abuse.

3. Challenge.

The challenge was to create two different styles for the same law firm and scope, while having in mind two different target audiences.

4. Strategy.

To execute the strategy, we researched and culled extensive details about each firm’s extensive office relocations, including the similar goals that each achieved with their different approaches.


5. Style Guides.

Used Colors:

In this style, the black represents professionalism and seriousness of Strauss & Morgan, while the orange creates a certain warmth indicative of openness and approachableness.


Chosen Fonts:

A lawyer who does not know men is handicapped.

Libertinus Sans

A lawyer who does not know men is handicapped.

Avant Garde

6. Results.

The end result was marvelous.  It speaks about warm approach, professionalism and trust in the same time.