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Family law website

1. About Project.

Carmine Cloak supported Morgan & Stauss as it built and launched a clean, focused website, using WordPress as the platform. By working closely with the Morgan & Stauss team, we used our findings to create an intuitive web experience that conveys the broad diversity of their work in the family law sector. 


UX/UI Website Design


Morgan & Stauss Family Law

2. About Client.

Located in New York, Morgan & Stauss is a boutique firm of expert family lawyers focused on achieving family and child-focused resolution to disputes. Family law services include a host of legal matters, including divorce, child support, wills, community care, paternity, and many more.

3. What were our biggest challenges?

Our design team were tasked with bringing the Morgan & Stauss difference to life online. The challenge was to create a beautifully tailored website that reflects Morgan & Stauss’s core vision of helping people resolve the legal aspects of relationship and family issues.  

4. What were Our Solutions?

Our detailed strategy began with understanding how to engage their audience, and that meant working closely with the Morgan & Stauss team to understand their key USPs. Then, we went back to basics. We defined and developed solid UX principles to guide the web design process from an internal, external, and user perspective.
Research and analysis on how the website will be used were also conducted, specifically reviewing user journeys and optimizing them for conversions.

5. Style Guides.

We worked together with the Morgan & Stauss team on style guides that would best enable potential clients to use the website seamlessly on mobile and desktop devices. Accessibility was also a priority, with suitable functionality and design elements, such as fonts and colors addressed at planning and framework stages.

5,1. Chosen Fonts

A law is valuable, not because it is a law, but because there is right in it.

Libertinus Serif

A law is valuable, not because it is a law, but because there is right in it.


5,2. Used Colors

We pushed the envelope just enough with simplistic touches of a purple and white color scheme to give the website a trustworthy and vibrant feel.


6. Final Results.

By creating a seamless web experience at all touchpoints, we were able to reinforce the brand awareness and credibility of Morgan & Stauss whilst inspiring their visitors to reach out for legal help.