Discover The Success Three Law Firms Achieved With Justia Amplify

As countless clients turn to online resources to find legal services, law firms must leverage digital marketing tools to stay ahead of the competition. Justia Amplify is a pay-per-click (PPC) management service powered by our team of legal marketing professionals. These PPC experts specialize specifically in working with law firms and create customized advertising campaigns using Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Google Local Services Ads, and Facebook Retargeting to help lawyers achieve their law firm’s strategic goals.

In this post, we are highlighting three law firms that achieved exceptional results for their practices by partnering with the Justia Amplify team.

Justia Amplify Helps a Personal Injury Law Firm Increase Conversions by Over 150%

153 Percent More Conversions With Justia Amplify

A premier personal injury law firm based out of Tennessee approached Justia for help optimizing its Google Ads campaigns to increase conversions while targeting the law firm’s ideal clients. After an in-depth analysis of the law firm’s previous Google Ads strategy and performance, the Justia Amplify team concluded that the law firm’s campaigns historically lacked a clear structure and identified four areas of opportunity to achieve the firm’s goals.

Following the phased roadmap with actionable items and core milestones developed by the Justia Amplify Team, the law firm’s campaign performance improved, ultimately resulting in 153% more conversions.

To take a deeper dive into this law firm’s success and the plan implemented by the Justia Amplify team, request a copy of our free case study today.

A Family Law Firm Creates Sustainable Long-Term Growth With Justia Amplify

2X Conversion Rate Growth Year Over Year

A prominent New Jersey law firm focused on divorce and family law approached Justia for help getting more leads and reaching more clients in its core practice areas. Employing the proven Justia Amplify method of assessing performance and potential, our team created a new strategic plan to bring the firm long-term, sustainable growth while adapting to changes in the Google Ads landscape.

With the assistance of the Justia Amplify team, the New Jersey firm doubled their conversion rate year over year and implemented successful campaigns designed to continue helping the law firm grow into the future.

For additional insights into how Justia Amplify helped this law firm succeed, request a copy of our free case study.

Justia Amplify Helps a Law Firm Get 175% More Conversions Than the National Average

175 Percent More Conversions Than National Average

A leading Mississippi criminal defense law firm partnered with Justia Amplify to optimize their PPC ad performance. The Justia Amplify team devised a tailored PPC advertising strategy for this law firm, including actionable items and efficient solutions designed to help this law firm maximize its return on investment. Upon implementation of Justia’s strategic plan, this law firm exceeded the national industry averages for conversion rates by more than 175%.

More details about this law firm succeeded with Justia Amplify are available by requesting a free copy of our case study.

Final Thoughts: Why Do You Care?

Justia Amplify helps your law firm unlock the power of digital advertising. Justia Amplify PPC management services offer a suite of tools and strategies to help your law firm leverage powerful paid advertising solutions, including Google Ads PPC, Microsoft Advertising PPC, Google Local Services Ads (LSAs), and Facebook Retargeting. With two convenient plans, Justia Amplify Advance and Justia Amplify Starter, our team can work with your budget to help you create your success story. To learn more about what Justia Amplify can do for you, contact our team for your free, no-commitment consultation.

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