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The Williams & Jones project was briefed to us with the aim of delivering a rich brand experience that drove conversions. We were responsible for all creative outputs, including strategy, branding, UI/UX, along with a website to highlight their unmatched expertise in the domain of Cyberlaw.




We first began by immersing ourselves in Williams & Jones with a collaborative workshop where we hashed out their exact needs and wants. Once all information was gathered, we undertook a user-research to identify user personas, using every detail to inform the site map and user flow. 

Competitive Analysis

Next up, competitive analysis. We worked through a brand research phase to ensure we understood their industry sector, the competition, and Williams & Jones strengths in the industry, helping to form the brand values we fused.


Then, our brand strategists took a deep dive to understand how Williams & Jones was positioned within the cyber law sector. From subtle tweaks to starting again, we fused our discovery results to ensure that the entire suite of brand assets we created was streamlined, simple, and straight to the point. 



Signature Colors

Williams & Jones wanted a unique color scheme that reflects both the personality and qualities of their cyber law services. As a result, we rolled out highlighted green and dark blue that breathed a new sense of trust into the company’s online presence.

Asset 13


Asset 14


Asset 15


Asset 16



Working in close collaboration with Williams & Jones , we chose modern, stylish fonts with a clean yet bold texture line, making them very easy for their varied audience to read.



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Logo Design

We designed a logo to capture the firm’s brand identity values, with each color|line, etc., representing a different priority for the firm. The logo is strong, steady, and modern, aligning with Wiliams & Jones dedication to handling criminal matters on the internet.

Asset 17


Asset 18


Asset 19


Logo theory

Circles, ovals and ellipses tend to project a positive emotional message. Using a circles in a logo can suggest community, friendship, love, relationships and unity. Rings have an implication of partnership and suggesting stability and endurance.

Asset 5


Website Design

01. wireframing

By making wireframes we define wevsite service at structural level. We used wareframes to lay out content and functionality on page which takes account user needs and user journeys.

02. ui design

Using insight and brand-led design, we created a website highlighting their diverse range of services and used photos of their experienced team to create an element of trust.

03. webdesign

After significant research and testing, we determined that WordPress was the suitable CMS to provide a rich, engaging experience in line with their audience’s needs.


The challenge of delivering a rich brand and digital experience that reflects Williams & Jones core vision of building a digital security and privacy culture was one we relished. They were also counting on us to help set expectations and create a brand roadmap to get there. 

final results

Working closely with the Williams & Jones team was key to the success of this project. The result? A trustworthy brand with a seamless website – and finally, a leading cyber law solution for clients who need to remain compliant with data security and privacy laws.