Law Firm Marketing during COVID

Read how to market your lar firm during COVID 19 pandemic.


Few lawyers and even fewer law firms haven’t been impacted by the COVID pandemic. It has inevitably created a deep sense of uncertainty for many businesses and their clients. As a result, many firms have had to adjust to different working conditions. For some that meant including digital marketing in their business strategies. 

Thus, finding new ways to market your law firm during COVID is vital to reaching new clients. Marketing can be beneficial for many reasons. For instance, brand recognition and community leadership. Besides that, it can help consumers feel more connected to their lawyers during times of crisis. 

Your company has an opportunity to reach new clients if it approaches digital marketing strategically. So, which strategies can your firm implement to produce results? Here are the most effective approaches to COVID marketing:

Update Google My Business Page

Most online searches for legal services are “local searches”. That means a potential client wants to find an attorney near his location. Therefore, make sure your customers are aware of how they can reach you. Consider updating the information below to increase your law firm’s visibility.

For a start, change your firm’s operating hours during COVID. Besides that, update your availability for virtual consultations. Engage with your clients and answer their reviews. Furthermore, monitor your reports and build your online reputation. Finally, post regular updates to show your law firm is still active.

Optimizing your website is one way to successfully market your law firm during COVID 19 pandemic.

Optimize your law firm’s website

With the market conditions changing, it is necessary to update your law firm’s website. Let your clients know how your law firm is addressing COVID. Besides that, state your working hours and additional services. Finally, make this information visible on your website’s home page.

Optimizing your website for local search will bring more traffic to you. In other words, your website will be ranked higher when someone searches for the services you provide. Hence, every law firm should audit its own digital presence periodically. Especially during periods of transition. Consider consulting professionals, as they can alert you to the issues that your firm may not be aware of.

Upgrade Your Content Marketing Strategy

Focus your content marketing on topics that are impacting people right now. For example, many essential workers are dealing with stressful family law issues. Make your content relevant and share the latest tips and tricks in your practice area. Use your expert knowledge to provide the answers to your client’s questions.

Serve relevant information for them to recognize your law firm as an industry leader. Follow the best SEO practices to ensure that content performs well in organic search. Distribute your content through blogs, newsletters, and e-mails. In addition, consider paid promotions to increase your audience. 

Improving your social media strategy is one way to successfully market your law firm during COVI 19 pandemic.

Focus on Social Media Marketing

For law firms, social media presence is increasingly important. It involves connecting with existing clients and finding new ones. Therefore, include a strong social media strategy in your marketing efforts. Try intuitive channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. 

Plan and maintain your company’s profiles to ensure a consistent brand presence. Achieve consistency by covering trending topics in your area of expertise. Furthermore, answer your potential client’s questions. Strive to provide them with the solution to their problems. You can find trending topics on Answer the public, Quora, or Google Trends.

Consider collaborations

Deliver your audience a certain value by occasionally promoting other businesses. Furthermore, consider collaborating with other firms to provide interdisciplinary resources. Collaborations are a great way to draw attention to your law firm’s company. Consider podcasts, webinar guesting, or similar projects. Furthermore, deepen the collaboration with backlinks from your partner’s websites. That way you will increase your brand’s awareness and gain more clients.


The COVID pandemic impact on the global economy and society has been unquestionable. However, the fundamentals of marketing remain the same. Aligning your messaging and services with your client’s needs should remain the foundation of your strategy. The way you market your legal services should reflect current conditions. Furthermore, it should also consider your audience’s needs. Moreover, responding appropriately to the current situation will establish your law firm as a trusted leader. Accordingly, you will be able to properly execute COVID marketing strategies.

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