Clutch Recognizes Carmine Cloak as a 2021 Top Branding Company in Serbia


As a design agency, we aim to make our projects as memorable as possible for our clients. Therefore, the power of first impressions is among the lifeblood of any branding campaign.

This is why it comes as no surprise to us when Clutch informed us that we were chosen as the top branding company in Serbia for 2021.

Carmine Cloak has been recognized as the Top branding firm in Serbia by Clutch.

About Clutch

Clutch is an online reviews and ratings platform that uses a unique verification process. That way it ensures all of the information they publish come from legitimate sources. 

Specifically, that means that companies can’t sabotage their competitions as well as artificially boost their own credibility. In order for us to become a part of their 2021 report for top performing companies, we needed to average high quality ratings for the year.

Thanks to your honest reviews, Carmine Cloak has been recognized as the top branding company in Serbia for 2021 by Clutch.


Above all, we appreciate these criteria as it puts the power directly into the hands of the experts. In general – people with the most knowledge of the projects in question. 

By all means, our team is grateful to our partners that left all of the positive feedback. Because of their honest review, Clutch promoted Carmine Cloak in the advertising and marketing world.
Hence, this award was literally not possible without the feedback of our clients and partners.

This is what our CEO had to say about the award when we first received the official email from Clutch.

We are honored to be recognized by the Clutch. Next goal is Europe.
– Uroš Jakovljević, CEO of Carmine Cloak.


Being recognized as the top branding company in Serbia for this year by Clutch is a huge accomplishment.

We are grateful for everyone who has contributed to our success and made this award possible.

Furhermore, we promise that we will use this award as motivation to aim for even greater goals and success.

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We’ll ensure you make your unique mark on your industry.

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