Read about the most effective techniques to build a professional lawyer image.

How to build a professional lawyer image

Read about the most effective techniques to build a professional lawyer image.


Building a professional lawyer image is essential to being a successful lawyer. In short- the image you present to your audience will make the biggest difference in how well you perform.

Customers like knowing what to expect from the interactions they have with you or your company. This means you need to deliver consistent experiences across sales, customer support, in your marketing efforts, on the web etc.

Therefore, striving to successfully craft your professional image that is sustainable and respectable should be your main goal.

Here are the top resources to build a professional lawyer image:

Define your brand

Begin by doing a detailed assessment of your brand. Identify what makes your brand unique and what problems does it solve. Furthermore, understand the concerns of your target customers and identify how can you help them. Present a clear understanding of what you can offer the world and inform people of your vision and purpose.

Image matters, both to individuals and organizations. It’s vital that your business presents itself as a reliable source of confidence and information. Consumers are not going to buy from you or your company if they don’t know or trust it. Therefore, investing in strategies to build a professional lawyer image is one of the effective ways to grow your business.

Audit your marketing strategies

Take a look at your brand and analyse the ways you can strengthen it. Your font, logo, and color palette are only a part of your brand. Your brand is also your content, level of responsiveness and the quality of your customer service. Make sure to inspect every aspect of your brand and ensure its improvement. Audit your marketing strategies regularly to ensure every location, platform and message is following your standards.

For instance, your website is the first thing that people see when they search for your business. Therefore, your website gives them the first impressions of your brand. Make sure it is up to scratch in terms of aesthetics, usability, and search engine performance. That way you will ensure the strong representation of your brand and improve your business image along the way.

Conducting effective marketing strategies is one way to build a professional lawyer image.

Connect with your audience

The key step to creating a positive public image is to connect with your target audience. In order to do that, you need to understand their needs and wants by interacting with them. This will set you apart from the competition and position your services as favourable in the market.

Fortunately, social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, have made it easy for businesses to connect with their audience on a daily basis. The more people you connect with, the bigger your brand awareness will become. This will improve your brand image and help make you an authority in your industry.

It’s inevitable that people will judge you by your appearance. Therefore, your brand image should speak to what your target audiences care about and value. Think about how to convey your brand image in everything you do, always putting the customer first. Finally, begin making improvements and ensure that your company aligns with the image you want to achieve.

Be consistent

Posting high-quality, relevant content will help gain exposure for your business, build brand awareness and attract new customers. Have in mind that internet users are constantly looking for useful and interesting content online. 

If they find your content as a reliable source of information, they are likely to associate it afterwards will your brand. That should help your business appear more credible and authoritative, which will contribute to creating a positive public image.

High quality customer service is one way to build a professional lawyer image.

Focus on your customer experience

The experience that customers receive will form a vital part of how people perceive your business. If customers are satisfied with your service, they are likely to recommend your business to friends and family.

If you focus on delivering high-quality customer service, it will help you build a professional lawyer image. Make sure you look for any solutions that may benefit your business by improving the customer experience.

Constantly improve

Especially for growing businesses, reputation is a great priority. It is consisted of your actions and other people’s opinion on that matter. To establish positive reputation, start listening more to your clients and their feedback. 

Furthermore, conduct a regular brand audit to determine where your organization currently stands in terms of public image. It will provide you with a picture of what consumers genuinely think about your product or service. 

Besides that, it will help you identify weaknesses and make improvements to your marketing and brand strategies.

In short, how the public perceives your brand is vital to the success of your business. In other words, it will impact on how to build a proffesional lawyer image. That’s why you should consider investing in marketing efforts to improve your public image.


People will make decisions about your brand based on their first impression. And if they like what they see, they’ll investigate further.

Carefully review all your touch points to ensure that prospective customers get positive first impression. Ask yourself what impression will they get when they visit your website or connect with you on LinkedIn. 

The answer should be positive and consistent with your brand promise. Otherwise, make the necessary changes as soon as practical in order to improve your professional lawyer image. 

Follow these effective techniques to grow your business and become an authority in your industry.

Professional image is a crucial part for your business success.

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Find out how to advertise your law firm in 2021.

How to advertise your law firm in 2021

Find out how to advertise your law firm in 2021.


The 21st century brought an increase in competition within the legal sector. Nowadays, thanks to technology, lawyers can leverage both online and offline advertising.

Advertising is one of the multiple ways lawyers can utilize in order to introduce the general public with their services. Advertisement is a message that an attorney places or purchases in digital or traditional media. It can be in a verbal or written form, but either way its goal is to attract attention and achieve conversion.

There are two types of advertising:

  • Analog or Traditional (Offline) advertising, that involves Print, Radio, TV, Billboards et.
  • Digital, also known as Online advertising that involves mainly Pay-per-click, Emailing, Social media ads etc.

To achieve effective advertising, you must understand your clients. Furthermore, you need to choose advertising methods that resonate with them. For a start, discover the best way to advertise your law practice by mixing both advertising types. Afterwards, track the results and use them to improve your marketing strategy.

Here are the ways to advertise your law firm in 2021:

Print Advertising

Although traditional, print media is still an effective technique for lawyer advertising. Statistics show that 82% of customers trust print ads enough to make the purchase.

Print advertising is ideal when targeting law clients. Start by choosing an appropriate print media that addresses the specific prospects. For example, if you’re a real estate lawyer, choose to place your ads in real estate magazines. As a result, you will get to reach potential clients.

The price of print ads varies based on color, ad size and publication of choice. Weigh the various publications to determine the cost and effectively plan your budget.

Law Firm Billboards

Billboards work due to their ability to strenghten a message inside a consumer’s brain. In fact, research shows that around 82% of consumers can recall billboard advertisements.

Billboards are a great choice for attorneys since they allow you to advertise in specific locations. Plus, they work in any destination area, grabbing the attention of travelers.

The cost of billboard advertising can range from hundreds to thousands, depending on location, ad type, billboard type etc.

Traditional marketing can be an effective way to advertise your law firm ini 2021.

Radio and TV Advertising

Advertise your law firm in 2021 through TV or radio commercials.

Radio and TV ads are effective in reaching a large demographics. Whether you’re a general practitioner or a specialized attorney, your message is passed to all the audience. Furthermore, both media practice repeated advertising to achieve maximum impact.

Radio or TV advertising is ideal both for new and established lawyers. Moreover, some law practices benefit the most from this type of advertising. For example, criminal defense, personal injury, real estate, family law, wills and estate, employee rights, immigration law etc.

Both media have maximum local exposure and they create a need for the audience to act immediately. They are perfect for improving your law brand awareness and creating a memorable impact on target audience.

Law firm advertising on the radio is likely to cost you less than you’ll spend on TV ads. The price depends on the radio/ TV charges, location, nature of the advert and timing.

PPC Advertising (Google Ads)

Google Ads is an online advertising platform developed by Google. Using Google Ads, you can choose to pay to display advertisements, service offerings and more. Pay-per-click advertising means that each time a prospect clicks on your ad, you pay Google a small fee.

As an attorney, you probably serve clients within a specific niche such as family law or personal injury. In that case, your goal is to access your legal prospects and introduce them to your intentions.

The Google PPC network is popular among lawyers because of reaching specific prospects across a wide region. With Google Ads, it’s possible to target a specific audience based on legal interest, age and other demographics.

Lawyer PPC advertising can be quite costly due to the competition and value of legal search keywords. However, the money you spend depends on keyword configuration, ad showing frequency, target setting and location.

Pay per click is one the ways to advertise your law firm in 2021.

Social Media Advertising

With digital advertising rise and almost 4 billion people being present online, lawyers cannot overlook social media advertising. In order to properly advertise your law firm in 2021, include social media advertisements in your marketing strategy.

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the primarily choices for clients seeking legal services. Posting your ads in either of those platform positions your law firm highly making it visible to the broad audience. The best part is, it makes it possible while giving you a chance to interact with them.

Consider paid social media advertising for maximum improvement of your law firm marketing. If you want to reach a large number of people in a short time, Facebook ads are the best option.

Facebook advertising offers you complete message customization and targeting specific audience. By targeting specific demographics, it ensures you gather qualified leads.

It also gives you the opportunity to manage your advertising budget. You can do that by tracking the progress in Ads Manager and making changes when necessary.

Content Marketing

According to the research, 81% of people conduct a research before making contact. 

In short, content marketing is how your law firm is found when clients search for the answer to their questions. Creating website pages or blogs that answer these questions helps potential clients find your law firm. Besides that, it gives an excellent opportunity to present your law firm as the best solution.

Therefore, content solving problems for converting potential clients work best. Ensure your articles provide plenty useful information and actionable takeaways. Secure content in easy language for potential clients to understand and follow along.

Digital marketing is an effective way to advertise your law firm in 2021.

Website Lead Generation

In order to properly advertise your law firm in 2021, consider your website as the foundation of your advertising. Your attorney’s website will probably be the largest source of leads – through form application or phone calls.

Therefore, your law firm website design must be mobile-friendly. Research showed that 75% of consumers make judgments on a company’s credibility based on the company’s website design. Besides design, optimize your user experience (UX) and provide relevant content.

Email Marketing

Email campaigns are still useful method for law firm marketing. Most law firms have thousands of contacts who are open to hearing from their attorney. Besides newsletters or regular surveys, don’t forget to try out some of the additional approaches.

For example, ask for client referrals. Take advantage of positive client outcomes and ask for referrals regularly. Furthermore, ask for client reviews. Have in mind your potential clients are checking your reviews before calling an attorney. Request via email from a satisfied client to leave you a Google review.


For decades, attorneys have practiced traditional advertising in the form of law firm print ads, billboards and more. Thanks to modern technology, today lawyers have access to effective digital advertising.

In order to advertise your law firm in 2021, combine various approaches to see which works the best. Provide your clients with certain value in order to build a certain reputation and achieve client growth. That way you can generate profit, build a relationship with your clients and reach your law brand‘s awareness.

With this advertising techniques, you can plan and execute your advertising campaigns. Futhermore, you can explore and combine ideas that work for you online and offline. As a result, your prospects will easily find you and you’ll be able to turn them to active clients.

Carmine Cloak specialized in helping companies define and execute effective marketing strategies.

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Read about the ways lawyers can get more clients in 2021.

How can lawyers get more clients in 2021

Read about the ways lawyers can get more clients in 2021.


Whether you’ve started your own practice or joined an existing one, career success largely depends on the same thing- clients. Here are some tips to get more clients in 2021:

Start with networking

For a start, ongoing networking can bring new potential sources and referrals. Besides having your colleague attorneys as referrals, it’s also important to build your network outside the legal profession. The real key to networking is to build a network with people outside of law, but within your target industry.

Begin networking by looking for events listed on platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook and sites like Have in mind that networking is a long-term approach to gaining new business. Don’t try to sell your services at the beginning. Instead, build a relationship with new referrals and convert them to clients eventually.

Create a quality website

Having a high-performing website is a key factor that will impact your business success. When it comes to having a successful law firm website, the most vital element is your content. Consider communicating a clear, concise message and providing your visitors with the quality content. Besides that, your site should have unique and aesthetic appeal. Having a competitive design will make your company differentiate from others in the market.

Practice online marketing in order to get more clients in 2021.

Practice online marketing

Online marketing for lawyers has become a highly competitive space over the past decade. If you want to succeed in today’s legal world, you’ve got to be present online. Besides that, you need to use modern technology in order to grow your law practice. Try some common ways to get clients through online marketing such as SEO, Blogging, Social Media, Email marketing, YouTube etc.

Search Engine Optimization or shortly SEO is the process of optimizing your website for organic search results. These changes can have a valuable impact on your website’s user experience and overall performance. SEO helps your potential customers discover your content and that’s why you should consider this step to be your first.

Blogging and Email Marketing – Starting a law firm blog with plenty useful content is a great way to establish credibility within your target audience. Besides informing your readers, try sending out periodic updates to them in order to promote your law firm on a regular basis.

Social Media – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are great platforms to share your law firm updates and interact with your audience. In order for you to stand out, you need to deliver informative and interesting content. Keep in mind that these platforms require consistency in posting.

YouTube – Creating free video guides is a great way to generate awareness and get people to your website or blog. Using video introductions of your law firm help clients feel more comfortable about approaching you.

Avvo – If you haven’t done it so far, check out the popular platform for lawyers. Sign up for a free profile and work to increase your Avvo rating in order to gain prospective clients.

Cultivate your referrals in order to get more clients in 2021.

Cultivate your referrals

Your clients aren’t just your clients; they’re also potential referral sources. Therefore, make sure you deliver an excellent job. Focus on your current referrals and take time to cultivate meaningful relationships with them.

Ensure that you’re open to helping these clients. Don’t forget to reach out, thank them and encourage them. Not only that leads will keep on coming, but they’ll also multiply as well.

Cultivating quality relationships with both clients and lawyers is the key to building your law practice through referrals. Doing little things goes a long way and encourage repeat business. Show people you care and that you truly value their business.

Prioritize online reviews

The condition to receiving reviews is claiming the presence on sites likes Google, Facebook, Avvo, Yelp etc. Encourage your clients to leave a review of your firm on social media, online directories or Google. Present them with a lot of opportunities and reminders. Include a message telling people how much you value their feedback by leaving their review.


By focusing on the strategies above you can improve your law practice and get more clients in 2021.
If you combine all the given techniques with a consistent effort, you will surely find success.

Carmine Cloak specialized in helping companies define and execute effective marketing strategies.

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Follow these steps when choosing name for your law firm.

How to choose name for your law firm

Follow these steps when choosing name for your law firm.


Your law firm name can impact the public’s perception of your practice. While one name can ensure your company’s success, the other might associate it with the unwanted attributes. Therefore, naming your law firm requires some careful deliberation.

When it comes to naming your law firm, you want people to be able to recognize it and pronounce it easily. Some attorneys choose their name based on their location, region or practice area. However, unique names are those who stand out in a crowded marketplace differentiating your firm from the competition.

For a start, your law firm name should communicate:

  • Trustworthiness
  • Prestige
  • Experience

In order to choose name for your law firm, follow these steps:

Try brainstorming

Think about what your law firm’s brand is and what you want it to be. Start by brainstorming the names for you law firm. Try out some effective brainstorming techniques such as brainwriting, mind mapping or rapid ideation. 

Furthermore, consider trying online generators such as Biz Name Wiz or Business Name Generator. Afterwards, write down whatever comes to mind and then narrow down options for your law firm name.

Conduct a research

In addition, explore the marketplace. Take a look at what your competitors have named their law offices and how well they perform. Alternatively, look at the top firms and analyze the trends that come up in their law firm names.

Don’t forget to include your target audience in this step. Your law firm’s name will appear all over your marketing—including your website, social media etc. Consider using a law firm name that will resonate with your target audience.

Conduct research when choosing name for your law firm,

Search for references

You’ll want to make sure your law firm’s name sounds great to everyone, not just you. Your friends, family or professional peers may have additional good ideas.

Ask your friends, colleagues or a professional writer for help with reviewing your options. Get feedback from people who fit the profile of somebody who will become a client or refer clients to you.

Check availability

As a legal business, you are obligated to follow the Rule of Professional Conduct 7.5 when choosing a firm name. Be sure to check your jurisdiction’s law firm naming rules as every state has different rules.

Inspect the cultural and geographical meanings of your name propositions and if they fit your law firm brand. Check the URL and business name for your law firm name through GoDaddy or If the domain and business name is available, you can purchase the domain and register your business.

When choosing your law firm name, don't forget to check availability.

Consider trademarking

If you have a unique brand and law firm name, you may want to trademark your law firm’s name.
Once you have a list of at least five to ten law firm names you will need to make sure that they are not already in use or trademarked. A business or trademark attorney can help you with this.

By doing it early, you can avoid having another law firm or business use your name in the future. Registering a trademark for your law firm involves submitting an application and a fee. You can do this online with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.


The law firm name you choose is the first of the many critical decisions to make when starting a legal business. It is important to take the time, do the research and do your due diligence.

Your law firm’s name should inspire chosen qualities that are important to you. Besides, your law firm’s name is going to impact nearly everything your firm does. From your business cards to your website, your email signature to your front door. Therefore, it should be easily incorporated in your brand identity.

Your firm’s name reflects your brand’s personality and impact your overall brand identity.

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Consider these steps when branding your law firm.

3 step guide to brand your law firm

Consider these steps when branding your law firm.


Your brand is consistent and precise representation of your services that allows potential clients to understand your company’s offering.
In other words, branding is vital for any successful law firm. Furthermore, the most important aspect of your brand is knowing what will resonate with your potential client.

When branding your law firm, consider the following steps:

Build your brand statement

Branding your law firm should start with writing down a brand statement.
It should be in a form of a short explanation of who is your company and who does it serve. Besides that, it should include the most important adjectives that describe your business approach.

Creating your brand statement will give you a deep understanding of who your company is and who your clients are. Defining your brand should include setting up some starter attributes your company should follow.

Have in mind that your brand should be:

  • Consistent across all touchpoints: Your law firm’s website and social media should look like they belong to the same firm.
  • Clear in its messaging: Your potential clients should recognize immediately your brand through your communication.
  • Relevant to your target audience: Understanding your audience’s needs and what type of branding will work best for your firm.
  • Different from your competitors: Positioning your brand as unique in order to differentiate from the competition.
One of the steps in branding your law firm is implementing branding elements.

Implement branding elements

After covering basic concepts of branding, list current and desired branding elements. Branding elements include: website, logo, direct emailing, billboard ads, social media channels, client reviews, media presence etc. Evaluate existent branding elements for how deeply they align to your brand standards and upgrade those who need your attention.

Inevitably, your website is going to be a virtual display of your offering and almost all clients will view it at some point. Therefore, ensure the design matches the criteria your audience expects. This will help you align your offering to the expectations of your target market.

For example, if you have an outdated website, you should consider rebranding. That way you will maintain consistency across all channels and level up your customer service.

Make a plan

At this point you have an idea what your law firm brand should look like. Moreover, you are also familiar with the branding elements that need to be developed.
The final step is to prioritize your efforts based on your budget and the amount of work that needs to be done.

Building a brand can mean making minor updates to your website or completely redesigning your logo, website and branding materials. Besides, it can mean you need to optimize your social media content or build a brand new social media presence.

Whatever your needs are, create a realistic plan and make sure you have all the resources. In addition, be prepared that branding strategy is not a short-term process. Whatsoever, it can take years to match your law firm brand with your vision.

Preparing a strategy is one step in branding your law firm.


Aligning business objectives, target audience’s point of view and your branding strategy is crucial to your law firm success.

When building a strategy for your law firm brand, try to make decisions that will resonate with your target audience. This will help you define successful strategy for your law business.

Most important, be honest about who you are and try to be unique in order to differentiate from the competition. Don’t forget that brands evolve so make the time to re-evaluate your branding and rebrand, if nedeed.

We build brands that inspire.

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Read about the phases you need to go through in order to create a successful law brand message.

How to create a successful law brand message

Read about the phases you need to go through in order to create a successful law brand message.

Behind every strong law brand stands a strong brand message. A brand message is a statement that declares what the brand stands for and how it stands apart from competitors. In other words, it communicates the values and key differentiators that define the law brand.

The core brand message is a foundation to all of your law firm’s marketing messages. Defining the brand message is a process that demands in-house, audience and market analysis.

These are the necessary phases you need to go through in order to create a successful law brand message:

Identify your target audience

Defining your brand message should start with answering the question who is your company talking to. Therefore, describing your ideal client is the first step. 

Your buyer persona model should align with the company’s reality. Furthermore, it will have a significant impact on the brand’s tone of voice and in general your style of communication.

Once you know who your ideal customer is, you can craft a message that connects with them.

Search for references

If you’re still developing your brand, you’ll need to gather data on your competitors’ audience, instead.

Learning from successful brands is a good start when developing your company’s brand messaging. Research successful law brands in your industry in order to observe and analyze their brand messages. Use the research data to understand how can your company structure brand message patterns.

Brands often have multiple target audiences. If that’s your case, you’ll need to adapt your brand messaging accordingly.

Observe market trends in order to create a successful law brand message.

Observe market trends

The market always brings good trends that can be of great help to your brand. Trends are essential to understand how brand messaging has evolved.

Trends are not limited to language but also include the ways of applying the brand messages in campaigns. A good idea is to perform this analysis through social media channels. It’s important to understand how companies have used these platforms to convey their values.

Define your company’s value proposition

The value proposition will be the starting point of your communication strategy. Each company has its value proposition, which is the foundation of their brand messaging plan. In order to have an effective brand message, a company needs to be true to its value proposition.

After identifying your audience and the market, the value proposition is the starting point to determine the benefit your company will bring to consumers. The value that the brand holds will be your guide when it comes to defining the tone of voice and general communication approach.

Discover your brand’s tone of voice

The brand’s tone of voice is an essential part of branding that will guide the message delivery. It needs to be aligned with the company values and your ideal client persona.

To properly convey your brand’s message, you have to discover your company’s tone of voice. Have in mind that your tone should reflect your brand’s personality. Once discovered, focus on its consistency and apply it across all channels and content. 

Establish brand guidelines in order to create a successfull law brand message.

Establish brand communication guidelines

Communication guidelines are a great help for the company to set an important standard that upholds the compliance to essential issues. Set up expressions and phrases that refer to the company’s core business addressing the specific values that each company embraces.

Create brand guidelines – a common marketing mechanism, similar to brand manual but focused on brand messaging. It will help you maintain a consistent voice across all channels, including your website and in marketing materials.

Once you’ve created these guidelines, distribute them to every member of your team and incorporate appropriately.

Establish Your Brand Story

Your brand story is one more way to connect with your customers. Therefore, make it a part of your brand messaging strategy.

A good story, told well, can help your customers emotionally connect with your brand. It’s no secret that brand loyalty can be heavily driven by emotional connections. 


In conclusion, creating a successful law brand message strategy is going to be a vital part of your business success. Accordingly, it can be done with some planning and thorough research.

It is possible to craft that perfect brand message that is true to your brand and resonates with your customers. Start with meeting the needs of your target audience and finding the way to communicate with them.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to keep your brand message consistent across all your channels. That will help you connect with your customers on a deeper level and establish brand loyalty.

Brand message is an important part of your brand strategy.

If you need assistance with developing your brand strategy, contact us today.

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Carmine Cloak has been recognized as the Top branding firm in Serbia by Clutch.

Clutch Recognizes Carmine Cloak as a 2021 Top Branding Company in Serbia


As a design agency, we aim to make our projects as memorable as possible for our clients. Therefore, the power of first impressions is among the lifeblood of any branding campaign.

This is why it comes as no surprise to us when Clutch informed us that we were chosen as the top branding branding company in Serbia for 2021.

Carmine Cloak has been recognized as the Top branding firm in Serbia by Clutch.

About Clutch

Clutch is an online reviews and ratings platform that uses a unique verification process. That way it ensures all of the information they publish come from legitimate sources. 

Specifically, that means that companies can’t sabotage their competitions as well as artificially boost their own credibility. In order for us to become a part of their 2021 report for top performing companies, we needed to average high quality ratings for the year.

Thanks to your honest reviews, Carmine Cloak has been recognized as the top branding company in Serbia for 2021 by Clutch.


Above all, we appreciate this criteria as it puts the power directly into the hands of the experts. In general – people with the most knowledge of the projects in question. 

By all means, our team is grateful to our partners that left all of the positive feedback. Because of their honest review, Clutch promoted Carmine Cloak in the advertising and marketing world.
Hence, this award was literally not possible without the feedback of our clients and partners.

This is what our CEO had to say about the award when we first received the official email from Clutch.

We are honored to be recognized by the Clutch. Next goal is Europe.
– Uroš Jakovljević, CEO of Carmine Cloak.


Being recognized as the top branding company in Serbia for this year by Clutch is a huge accomplishment.

We are grateful for everyone who has contributed to our success and made this award possible.

Furhermore, we promise that we will use this award as motivation to aim for even greater goals and success.

If you want to put your company on an upward trajectory, contact us today.

We’ll ensure you make your own unique mark on your industry.

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Read about the importance of brand message in law branding.

The importance of brand message in law branding

Read about the importance of brand message in law branding.

What is brand message?


A brand message is the verbal communication of your law brand’s value proposition. It is crafted considering both the internal and the customer’s perspective and the competitors’ promise. In addition, it serves to differentiate your law brand from other competitors in the market.

Your brand message should be:

  • Engaging: It should resonate with needs and desires of your target audience. Catch their attention by crafting a strong and unique brand message.
  • Relevant: It has to be important to your audience. They need to relate to it in order to choose your brand.
  • True: It should have a form of a concise and clear information that tells a specific story. Most importantly, it must promise to deliver only what it can provide to the customers.

Brand messaging is a combination of factors such as language, specific terms and the tone of voice.  Futhermore, brand message in law branding should be used every time a company communicates.

When crafting your brand message, focus on the desired positioning. Analyse your positioning by answering the following questions from:

  • The customer point of view : What matters the most to the customers? What they want to hear? Your brand message needs to be customer-centric and get inside the mind of your audience.
  • The internal point of view: What’s your company’s vision? What can your company provide? Take a look at your law brand from the inside out.
  • The competitive point of view: How to differentiate your law brand from the competitors? What are your competitors already providing? Consider your marketplace and don’t forget to conduct necessary researches.

Once you have a solid understanding of these points, you can start building your messaging framework.

Types of brand messages


Brand messaging is all about how your customers, but also your employees perceive your law firm.
In other words, branding starts from within. Company culture, values and mission statements set the foundation for how your potential customers experience your law brand. Besides that, it also define your place in the market.

Brand message in law branding comes in two shapes- internal and external and they consist of several components.

Internal brand messaging

Brand message in law branding should start with how you and your team define your law brand. Your mission, vision and values affect your employees as much as the general public. Company culture develops from internal brand messages, so it’s important to define these early in your company’s development.

Spend time identifying your core mission, vision and values when developing your brand message. These will be vital to the rest of your messaging and to your law business itself.

External brand messaging

External messaging in law branding implies crafting a message directed to the general audience.
These messages tend to be more informational and actionable than internal ones, which usually revolve around ideas.

External brand message in law branding includes your positioning statement, differentiators, value propositions and slogan.

Find out about the types of brand messages in law branding.

Components of brand messages

Brand Promise

A brand promise is a promised value your customers expect to receive every single time they interact with your company. The more a company can deliver on that promise, the stronger the brand value in the mind of customers. In other words, it communicates the benefit that makes your service desirable.

Vision Statement

Your vision statement is a predictive statement that sets a future goal for the direction of your law business. In short, it’s a desire to see the changes in the world based on your law company’s doing.

Mission Statement

Your mission statement is a visionary type of statement for your law company’s accomplishments. It should answer the question why do you want to do something. In contrast, it is often used both internally and externally.

Positioning Statement

Your positioning statement defines where you fit in the marketplace. Futhermore, it should answer the what, who and how for your law business. Have in mind that this statement will be seen by a large number of people.

Take a look at essential factors of brand message in law branding.

Target Audience

Throughout this process, it’s important to keep your ideal buyers in mind. Work toward messaging that will resonate with their needs, motivations, interests and pain points. That way you can craft a quality customer service with specialized approach to each individual.


Your values are the guides that determine how you conduct your law business. Identify your values by answering the question in what your law firm believes.

If your vision is the ultimate destination your values are the map that guide your company’s journey into the future. 

Value proposition

Value propositions are short statements that define what is the value of your law business or your services. Therefore, you’ll likely have more than one. 

Accordingly, use them as a part of your marketing material. For example, share them on your website to introduce the visitors to your law company.


Your differentiators are unique attributes that set your law brand apart from your competitors. Discover your differentiators by listing what makes your law company different in your industry.

Finally, isolate the most meaningful attributes and use them to communicate your brand’s message through marketing material.

Tone & Voice

Effective brand messaging is not only what you say, but how you say it. Define the tone that you want to use for your brand while maintaining your brand’s voice consistency.
Afterwards, use them properly in your marketing materials in order for customers to emotionally connect with your law brand.

How to craft your brand message in law branding. All you need to know about brand messaging in one place.


Your company’s slogan is one of the most important elements of your external brand messaging. Therefore, you should compose unique, attention-grabbing message in a few words. Depending on your brand personality, choose the tagline that best suits your law business. Above all, make sure your slogan is simple, short and memorable.

Elevator Pitch

Imagine you find yourself in an elevator with a potential customer.
You only have a few seconds to turn them on to your law brand. What would you say?

The point of this practice is to describe as much as you can in as few words as possible. Start building this with your positioning statement at the center, and then add your differentiators and value propositions around it. As a result, you’ll have a 30-second statement that expresses all of the important parts of your law brand.

Brand Pillars

Brand pillars should describe three most important selling points of your service. While crafting it, keep in mind the customer, internal and competitive point of view. Futhermore, support each brand pillar with a key benefit statement and relevant examples.



Brand message in law branding should be incorporated in every service offering and communication message. For instance, include it into your website design, business cards and even your marketing campaigns. 

That way, it will ensure top quality customer experience. And most importantly, it will present your law brand the way you want it to be seen.

Brand message is an important part of your brand strategy.

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Defining your law company values is one of the habits of most successful law brands.

The habits of most successful law brands

Defining your law company values is one of the habits of most successful law brands.

Most successful law brands habits

Starting with defining company mission and vision to practicing consistent communications and customer experiences, the road to success seems long.

But every successful law brand had to start somewhere once. The difference is they had stayed successful because they had practiced several key habits. 

By mastering habits of most successful law brands, you can enhance your law firm’s brand in the legal industry.
Top performing law brands progressively develop the following habits: 

They have established a clear message

It’s important to specify your niche as well as your ideal clients.
By narrowing down the focus of your legal services, you’re making it easier to address the needs of your clients.

Aligning your message to your customers is as important as finding your target audience’s language. Crafting clear and authentic brand message is one of the first steps for the successful business.

In order to separate themselves from the competition, they must define their visions, missions and unique value propositions. Finally, aspiring brands should focus on crafting unique brand voices that resonate with their target audiences.

They possess strong branding strategy

The branding process in the legal industry is equally important as in any other. Your firm needs to be visible and recognizable to each potential client. Besides, your services need to resonate with your clients needs.

That being said, your logo and website should clearly and properly communicate your offer. However, law firm branding extends beyond your firm’s website or logo. It should be visible in your firm’s mission statement, its marketing materials and all throughout your company.

Crafting a strong branding strategy is one of the habits of most successful law brands.

They practice both traditional and digital marketing

Before you dive into digital marketing, think of some of the classic tactics that professional service firms use. Some traditional marketing materials such as printed flyer or a business card can mean the difference for a potential client.

On the other side, digital marketing can expand your reach and boost your firm’s brand. Using your website or social media to present your brand identity is another great way to reach your ideal clients.

They know their audience

One of the habits of the most successful law brands is knowing their audiences. Futhermore, those brands are constantly looking for new ways to improve and meet consumer expectations.

To understand and serve their target audiences, top companies use social tools to gain valuable insights. Successful brands analyze and search for patterns and cultural trends that can drive innovation. Afterwards, they implement the search results into their business strategy.

They have cultivated an effective company culture

Branding includes cultivating a strong internal culture that aligns with your law brand and communicating it to the outside world. Companies that have cultivated an effective corporate culture have the best track records of overall performance and business stability.

Those law firms have consciously transformed their environments so that their employees feel respected, empowered and incorporated into the team. To quote Richard Branson: “Take care of your employees and they’ll take care of your business.”

In short, your employees need to understand your law brand and get familiar with its values. Only that way they can become an ambassadors of your brand and share its message to the world.

Establishing a healthy company culture is one of the habits of most successful law brands.

They’re aware of their competitors

If you’re going to find your place in the market you will have to locate your competition. In other words, competitive awareness is key to your brand’s success.

Execute a competitive analysis to improve your law brand strategy and add greater value to your customers. Observe their tactics and the way they resonate with customers. Explore their strengths and weaknesses, but your company’s as well.

Finally, use the results to get ahead of the competition.

They are consistent all across the platform

One of the habits of most successful law brands is consistency.
Consistent communication across all marketing platforms is essential for long-term brand loyalty. Law brands that craft messages that are consistent across all social media platforms have been proved to be more successful.

They focus on the customer service

A customer-focused brand places the customer experience at the top of their law business. It involves customized approach to every individual in order to ensure customer satisfaction at all times.

Building a customer culture should aim to empower customer loyalty and engagement. That being said, everyone on the team must be familiar with how their roles affect the overall customer experience.

Focusing on the customer service is one of the habits of most successful law brands.

They are constantly improving

Most successful law brands put innovation near the top of the to do list at all times. Besides the improvement of their existing offer, they practice the introduction of new services.

Recognizing cultural trends that drive innovation, seeking knowledge outside of their fields of work, learning from other industries etc. These are some of the characteristics of top performing law brands. That’s why it is critical for aspiring brands to stay informed and adapt to their customer’s needs.


Developing these habits is not a short-term program, but comes with a promise to enhance your company’s overall performance.

Most successful brands know that strategic plan and commitment to innovation can maintain your company’s position in the competitive market.

Therefore, companies who prioritize growth, adaptation and improvement are the ones who are considered to be most successful.

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Follow this strategy in order to optimize your law brand.

5 methods to optimize your law brand

Follow this strategy in order to optimize your law brand.


Brand optimization is a major necessity for every law business today. Most of your potential customers are looking for your services online- using search engines, social media and blogs. Precisely because of that it’s crucial that you optimize your law brand.

With technology progress, the internet became a popular platform for people to interact with different brands. That’s why it’s important for law businesses to be present online and properly communicate their brand to attract new clients. 

Optimizing your brand is the act of making the best or most effective use of a situation or resource. It is a mechanism to make your brand relevant to its users. While engaging with them on the right platforms, the right opportunities increase.  

To optimize your brand:

  • Make your design easily recognized
  • Let your visuals capture attention and provoke reaction
  • Introduce your unique values and benefits to the audience
  • Include clear call to action
  • Be consistent within your visual and verbal communication
  • Create a connection with your audience

Each element of law brand optimization is adjusted to what you stand for and what your audience care about. Branding online and offline are both equally important. Especially in the crowded markets where successful businesses are considered to be those who can stand out from the competition.

There are multiple methods for effective law brand optimization:

Optimizing your Website

The first and the most important step is optimizing your attorney website. Your potential customers are probably going to search for your law brand on various platforms. Search Engines are one of the most popular online tools, therefore their optimization should be your priority within this step. Your website should be the first link the users will see while searching for your law brand. Pay attention to your content, images and keywords relevancy in order to ensure your brand’s top visibility.

Social Media Presence

Social media has become one of the trending platforms for users to interact with different brands. Therefore, presence on social media has become imperative for law brands, too. Consider posting on several platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn or Instagram.

Ensure your law brand is present on all top social media websites and actively engaging with your audience. Besides that, don’t forget to post relevant content with the maximum consistency.

Ensure your law brand is present on all top social media platforms.

Analytics Usage

It is equally important to conduct performance research and inspect the results. That way you can get useful insights on the direction you are heading. For example, are you reaching out to the right audience and is your content relevant and useful to your readers. Monitoring is the key to evaluating and improving your strategies in order to meet the needs of your customers. There are numerous analytic tools available online that will help your brand stay relevant at all times.


Reviews are vital feedback from your users that play a significant role in building your law brand impression. Your potential customers are likely to check the reviews first before reaching out to you. Hence, it is important that your brand reviews speak well of you across all platforms.

Another trending feedback mechanism is engaging with influencers. Using the popularity of individuals, you can connect with the masses. Furthermore, they will act as your brand ambassadors, promoting your brand in an environment that your user trusts. 

Pay attention to your customer's reviews in order to optimize your law brand.

Content of Value

Content is also an important element in optimizing a brand. Besides SEO, it is crucial to make it useful and relevant to your audience. You can create content based on the right keywords or valuable information.

Keyword research is the first step to attracting readers to your content by directing them to your website. There are multiple tools online to help you find the right keywords that are often searched when looking for particular service.

The next step is to prepare content which adds value to your readers. The content should be rich in information and relevant to what the user is searching for. In other words, it needs to be engaging and meeting the viewer’s expectation.


Branding optimization is a great way to discover how your target audience is interacting with your brand. It also provides an indication of their experience being converted from a prospect to a customer. You need to focus on your branding optimization in order to effectively grow your law brand and connect with your audience.

Optimizing your brand will require your constant and consistent effort but will inevitably result in growing your business. If you invest effort in planning your brand optimization strategies, you will stay up to date with the upcoming changes.

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