3-Step Guide to Brand Your Law Firm

Consider these steps when branding your law firm.


Your brand is a consistent and precise representation of your services that allows potential clients to understand your company’s offering. In other words, branding is vital for any successful law firm. Furthermore, the most important aspect of your brand is knowing what will resonate with your potential client. Consider the following steps in order to brand your law firm properly:

Build your brand statement

Best law firm branding should start with writing down a brand statement. It should be in a form of a short explanation of who is your company and who does it serve. Besides that, it should include the most important adjectives that describe your business approach.

Creating your brand statement will give you a deep understanding of who your company is and who your clients are. Defining your brand should include setting up some starter attributes your company should follow.

Have in mind that your brand should be:

  • Consistent across all touchpoints: Your law firm’s website and social media should look like they belong to the same firm.
  • Clear in its messaging: Your potential clients should recognize immediately your brand through your communication.
  • Relevant to your target audience: Understanding your audience’s needs and what type of branding will work best for your firm.
  • Different from your competitors: Position your brand as unique in order to differentiate from the competition.
One of the steps in branding your law firm is implementing branding elements.

Implement branding elements

After covering basic concepts of branding, list current and desired branding elements. Branding elements include website, logo, direct emailing, billboard ads, social media channels, client reviews, media presence etc. Evaluate existent branding elements for how deeply they align to your brand standards and upgrade those who need your attention.

Inevitably, your website is going to be a virtual display of your offering and almost all clients will view it at some point. Therefore, ensure the design matches the criteria your audience expects. This will help you align your offering to the expectations of your target market. For example, if you have an outdated website, consider rebranding. That way you will maintain consistency across all channels and level up your customer service.

Make a plan

At this point, you have an idea of what your law firm brand should look like. Moreover, you are also familiar with the branding elements that need to be developed. The final step is to prioritize your efforts based on your budget and the amount of work that needs to be done.

Building a brand can mean making minor updates to your website or completely redesigning your logo, website and branding materials. Besides, it can mean you need to optimize your social media content or build a brand new social media presence.

Whatever your needs are, create a realistic plan and make sure you have all the resources. In addition, be prepared that branding strategy is not a short-term process. Whatsoever, it can take years to match your law firm brand with your vision statement.

Preparing a strategy is one step in branding your law firm.


Aligning business objectives, the target audience’s point of view and your branding strategy is crucial to your law firm’s success. When building a strategy for your law firm brand, try to make decisions that will resonate with your target audience. This will help you define a successful strategy for your law business. Most important, be honest about who you are and try to be unique in order to differentiate yourself from the competition. Don’t forget that brands evolve so take the time to re-evaluate your branding and rebrand if needed.

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