Brand VS Logo [What Is The Difference?]



There is a general perception that logo design and branding are the same things. Sometimes these two terms are even used as synonyms. Indeed, they are closely related and must work together in a cohesive way. However, they are ultimately different processes. We’ve solved the dilemma of the brand VS logo & presented their key attributes below.

What is a logo?

A logo is a graphic or typographic element that identifies your company. It is referred to as a Brandmark, Trademark, Wordmark, Logotype, or Brand icon. It is a crucial part of your brand’s visual identity. In addition, it distinguishes your brand in a competitive world.  A logo is a visual mark showcasing the character and essence of your brand.

A memorable logo is an essential component of a powerful brand. It can communicate brand values.  Or it can simply be used as an identification tool. A logo doesn’t reflect emotions or communicate specific messaging until it becomes an integral part of your brand. Accordingly, it is associated with the personal interactions and experiences others have with your brand.

What is a brand?

A brand is idea or image people created in their mind about your company’s activities. In other words- it is the sum of elements that identify you as a business. A brand is the culmination of every interaction or overall experience with your business. It encompasses positioning, messaging, communications, and visual design. Furthermore, it includes client personabrand voice, marketing, and the presence of your company. It is also the reputation of your business based on the way it makes your customers feel. Finally, it is a promise to your customers that you are striving to fulfill.


What is the difference between a brand and a logo?

Your logo is a key brand element and the instant visual association with your company. However, there’s much more to a brand than just a logo. A brand is a set of distinctive perceptions, ideas, and feelings that people have about your company. In other words, it is the active process of shaping your customer’s perceptions about your company.

Your brand is considered to be the foundation of your company. On the other hand, your logo is the visual shortcut to the trademark of your brand. It is the shape used to represent your law company. In other words- your logo is only a mark. While your brand includes every single touch-point your customers have with your company.


To conclude the brand VS logo dilemma. A logo by itself is a graphic element that represents your brand. Furthermore, a brand is a combination of all aspects that represent your law company. Without the brand, your logo wouldn’t have real meaning. It would be simply a graphical element. When combined, they help you efficiently reach your audience and communicate your message. In addition, they help you visually attract more attention and create extraordinary experiences. Consequently, they provide you with client increase and overall business success.

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