Getting Started With Your Brand Vision Statement

Get started with your brand vision statement with this useful guide.


Brand vision refers to the ideas behind a brand that help guide the future. It clarifies your main business goal and states what your law firm is aiming to achieve in the future. Your vision statement should define the core ideals that give your company direction. The brand vision reflects and supports the business strategy, differentiates from competitors and resonates with customers. Finally, it inspires your employees and partners and influences further marketing programs.

Your Brand Vision Statement Should Be:


It should inspire the people around your brand. It should motivate your employees and help to transform your customers into people who are devoted to your brand. In other words- it should generate brand loyalty.


Your statement needs to be aspirational, something that forces your company to challenge itself every day.


Your vision statement should be the embodiment of your personality and your brand ideals. Furthermore, it should be achievable in order to inspire.


Your vision should be something you can share with everyone in your company’s hierarchy.  If you’re all working towards the same goal, you have a much better chance of success.


A brand vision statement can be powerful. Moreover, it should be able to align people from different backgrounds and environments towards an ultimate goal.


Finally, it should be concise, clear and easy to understand and recognize. Use simple, effective language to describe your vision in no more than two sentences.

Your brand vision statement should be clear and easy to understand.

Getting Started With Your Vision Statement

A brand vision should define what you stand for and how you’re different from the competitors. Furthermore, how you’re going to achieve something that’s never been done before. In other words- your vision statement should define your long-term aspirations.

Start with being specific and clear about what you want to accomplish with your brand. That way you can prioritize your efforts and make the necessary changes for success. From a basic perspective, writing a brand vision statement begins with understanding and defining your company. Think about what you believe your responsibility to your customers is. Your values might include:

  • Offering the highest-quality service
  • Supporting satisfaction within your corporate culture
  • Providing competitive prices, while still making a profit
  • Serving and supporting local communities
  • Defining your hopes and aspirations

Your brand vision should identify the single most important reason your business exists. Regardless of rebranding, changing your name or updating your logo, your vision should remain the same. Consider changing it only when it becomes outdated or you reach your goal.

Important Questions To Answer

Identifying your vision should determine how your brand will move forward. In other words- your vision should clearly identify your ambitions and the purpose of your brand. When developing your vision statement, use the following questions:

  • Why are your services important?
  • What makes your business unique?
  • How will your future customers describe your brand?
  • What is the reason your brand exists?
  • What does your business provide?
  • How do you help people?
  • What goals are you trying to achieve?
  • How are you planning on achieving those goals?
  • What change are you trying to make in the world?
  • What ultimate benefits can your services deliver?

Use your answers to compile a vision statement that describes the perfect future for your brand. Have in mind it should create an impact that is both aspirational and inspirational. Moreover, it should give your consumers an idea of how your brand can affect them.

How To Create a Brand Vision

State your business’s purpose

A brand vision statement needs to be business-specific in order to be effective. Furthermore, it should highlight your business purpose and the strategies you plan to use for success. This can be crucial in helping you figure out where you’re heading in the future.

Include your USP

The key to a really powerful brand vision statement is figuring out what makes you different. To do it, explore your Unique Selling Proposition. Look at what you consider to be the most significant parts of your business in terms of differentiation. For instance, do you put customer service above all else? Are you an innovative company in your industry? Use your unique position in the marketplace and think about how you can implement those things into your vision statement.

Outline your core values

Include the core values of your company into your brand vision statement. Think about why your company exists and why it’s better than your competitors. The values of your brand should inform parts of your brand identity including your company name, your brand logo design etc. For example, your values might include things like honesty, integrity and sustainability. Think about how you’re using your values, to take you closer to your organizational goals.

Check out these tips to learn how to write brand vision statement.

Think about the future

Your brand vision statement is your roadmap for the future. It should motivate your employees and inspire your customers. Furthermore, it should remind you of what you hope to achieve in the next five or fifteen years. To define your future goals, try using this formula:

 [Five/Ten/Fifteen] years from now, [Company name] will be [______], in [____] with [_____]. 

This framework will help you to choose the most important goal for your brand at this time. In addition, it will set the deadline for success. Once you have an idea of your future, you can adjust your vision statement accordingly.

Review your vision statement template

Living by your brand vision statement is key to success. However, it should be open to flexibility as your company evolves. Hence, be aware when your vision statement is no longer inspirational or appealing. Review your vision statement regularly and think about how it aligns with your customer’s needs and your business’s progress.

Align your vision statement

Your brand vision, mission and values need to work together in order to be effective. Therefore, make sure that the elements that make up your brand are consistent and properly aligned. Otherwise, your customers and employees are going to end up confused. Make sure to double-check this when determining your brand identity.

Apply your vision statement

Use your vision statement to help you make decisions about your company when it comes to long-term business planning. In other words- keep your vision statement alive in everything you do. Share it with your staff members, your employees and your potential partners. If you live by your statement, then you’ll be more likely to create customer affinity and brand advocacy.


A brand vision statement is key to helping you stay on track towards your goals by communicating your company’s unique attributes. Furthermore, it should focus on the future and clearly define what you can offer your community. You can use this statement to focus your brand message and improve operational efficiency.

However, it should help align corporate culture and give your customers something more powerful to connect with. Revisit your vision statement periodically and make sure it is still the roadmap for achieving your business goals.

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