13 Blog Ideas For Lawyers To Try


One thing that can really help lawyers reach the right people is creating a legal blog and posting regularly on a range of targeted topics. Nowadays, lawyers have a unique opportunity to use blogging to reach the right people and gain more exposure than their competitors.

Most consumer attorneys tend to think that their entire audience is the potential clients who will hire them. While that’s probably mostly true, an attorney’s total audience actually consists of the following:

  • Potential clients
  • Attorneys or judges
  • Potential citation sources (backlinks from content creators)
  • Journalists researching a story
  • Professors and students

While writing your blogs, think of who you want to be the reader of a particular article. Knowing who to write for is just as critical as knowing what to write.

Here are 13 blog ideas for lawyers to help them reach the right people:

1. Give Legal Advice on Specific Practice Areas

Use your expertise in your practice area. To reach your ideal clients, generate blog posts about your specific practice areas. That way your clients can find some of the answers they are looking for. For example, if you are a personal injury lawyer, you could cover every niche of personal injury law. 

Rather than write a single personal injury law blog post. You could create a step guide covering what to do if someone has been injured at work. Or what to do if someone has been involved in a car accident that resulted in an injury.

2. Write Step Guides

Step guides are some of the most popular blog posts online. They take a complicated subject and break it down into a task list that can be followed easily by readers. They are also ideal posts for search engine optimization because they generally cover the questions that potential clients might search for. 

For example, if you are a DUI lawyer, you could create a post entitled, “What Should I Do if I’ve Been Charged with a DUI?” Or: “How to file for bankruptcy”, “How to apply for an expungement”, “How to write an air-tight contract” etc.

3. Present Recent Changes in Law

If any recent changes in the law have occurred in your area, you could post a blog about them to showcase your knowledge to potential clients. For example, if you are an insurance lawyer in Virginia, you could create a blog post covering changes to state insurance law that year. Because states usually publish this type of information publicly, you could also link to the state website.

4. Add Case Studies

Write a case study about your successful cases. It is a great way to build trust with visitors, as it shows that you’ve seen success in your practice. Sharing your client’s inspirational story is a successful way to reach people. Furthermore, it’s an opportunity to show them why being an attorney matters to you. 

This gives your audience an idea of who your typical client is and what you can do for them. If you choose to pursue case studies as a major part of your marketing effort, create a separate web page devoted to housing case studies.

5. Consider Trial Process Guides

One of the blog ideas for lawyers is showing your audience how court proceedings work. One way to put your potential clients’ minds at ease is to create blog posts about trial processes. These could take the form of step guides, numbered lists or trial narratives.

6. Answer the Common Questions

Even if you already have an FAQ section on your website, you can still address those questions at greater length in blog posts. These blog posts help lawyers reach the right people by utilizing the keywords that get searched most frequently. 

FAQ posts can also be used to build trust and provide your clients with a path toward a solution. Make a “question of the week” and answer your potential client’s questions submitted through comments or social media.

7. Legal Strategy Breakdowns

Revealing a little bit about how you operate in court can expose potential clients to your expertise. Most people may not know how a lawyer fights a case until they have a consultation and choose to retain the lawyer. 

You can show your audience how you got started in your career or do a behind a scene of your workplace. People like to feel like they know you and this is a good way to teach them who you are in an authentic way.

8. Dispel a Legal Myth

Some people believe that tickets issued by a traffic officer are considered moot if the officer isn’t wearing their hat. If you’ve heard any such myths over the years of your practice, you can address them in blog posts.

Targeting these posts specifically for common search terms can help lawyers reach the right people. There is always a chance that the people searching for these myths hope that they represent a loophole to a legal problem.

Inviting guest bloggers is one idea for lawyers to try in 2021.

9. Invite Guest Bloggers

Inviting a guest to write a blog post can establish trust with visitors. However, make sure it’s relevant to your niche. For example, a divorce attorney could have an immigration attorney guest post tips for divorcing when you are not a citizen. 

If you invite a guest blogger to write for you and they have their own website, you can share backlinks. Backlinks are favored by search engines and they can drive more web traffic, especially if your guest gets high traffic on their own site.

10. Predict the Future

Offering insights into the future of their practice areas can help lawyers reach the right people. When the legal landscape is changing, people want to read about it. You could cover specific news items or you could write about changes you’ve noticed during the years of your practice. Offering insight into the future is a positive way to establish credibility with your readers. Moreover, it is a powerful way to address specific search terms.

11. Check out the news

Here is another one of the blog ideas for lawyers to try. Reading the newspaper, news websites or other blogs are excellent ways to come up with relevant topics that are definitely blog-worthy. Finding a headline that you can relate to what you practice will grab your reader’s attention. Especially if they’ve been paying attention to that headline themselves.

12. Conduct interviews with other lawyers

One of the blog ideas for lawyers is conducting interviews with your colleague lawyers. Think about interviewing other experts in the field, local judges or clients who have had success with your firm. This can be a worthwhile networking opportunity, as well as providing your readers with exciting, unexpected content.

13. Write Reviews

Provide valuable reviews on books, movies, services etc. Reviews deliver a lot of value to your readers. Moreover, reviews can bring a lot of new traffic to your blog. Furthermore, they can be the perfect opportunity to use affiliate links. That way you can get a fee for each person who purchases the service directly from your link.

Useful tools

When trying out these blog ideas for lawyers, several tools can make your job easier. Check out the following tools to discover your audience’s interests:


Wordtracker is a straightforward keyword research tool that allows 10 free keyword/ phrase searches without the need to log in. It can tell you if a topic or phrase is worth pursuing and suggest other phrases with higher search volume.

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a plugin/ extension for your Google Chrome or Firefox browser. This software helps suggest high volume search topics right in Google search results. It is based on what you’re searching and highlights how many monthly searches there are.

Google Trends

Google Trends is another useful tool. It shows you the popularity of a given topic or search phrase has had over time on Google. This is good for broad topic oriented blogs and can help you with a place to start your research.


When writing blog posts, remember that your goal is to gain more exposure and attract new clients. Once people land on your post, you want there to be an easy transition from a website visitor, to a prospect, to a client. When writing, remember to mention the importance of obtaining legal counsel. Include contact forms, buttons, and other conversion opportunities throughout your blog.

A good practice is not to name your firm directly in your blog posts. Blog posts generally work best when they are helpful and informative, or address a question that you have the answer for. Whatever the business law blog topics, a targeted, well-maintained blog will always help lawyers reach the right people.

Doing keyword research and optimizing a blog for search engines should also be included in this process. In addition, don’t forget to promote your blog posts through your social media accounts and email. To learn more about similar topics, we recommend reading 18 Blogging Tools For Lawyers.

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