Upcoming 2022 Branding Trends [Expert Predictions]

“Designing logos in the digital age requires the logo design to be simple, in order to be instantly identified. A good logo should also be able to adapt to any size while retaining its communicativeness and aesthetic values.”

Check out upcoming branding trends for 2022.


Proper branding creates a lasting impression and differentiates a business from its competitors. When done right, effective branding fosters deep loyalty between businesses and consumers. Thus, creating a strong, relevant and recognizable brand is essential for growing your business. Branding represents a complex combination of several elements. To name a few- brand voice, tone, color palettes, font choices and story.

Being one of them, design is an essential part of every branding. Moreover, it plays a key part in recognizing one’s business. Changes in design trends, the economy and online etiquette all create shifts in branding trends. Hence, to stay relevant, brands need to keep up with the latest branding trends. In the list below, we explore the upcoming 2022 branding trends:

Logo Adaptability

If you want to be noticed in the digital age, you will need to have a website. Also, to be present on several social networking platforms as well. The importance of having a logo that can be easily scaled up or down will increase in 2022. Because of this trend, many companies will choose to create shape-shifting logo designs.

Logos should be able to change in size, complexity, or color. Depending on what you are using them for. For example, you can have a master logo that you can use for your website. Or create a simpler icon for your Instagram account. Different versions of one logo will provide a variety to the brand’s visual identity increasing the chance of brand recall.

Bold Typography

Choosing the right font or typeface is an integral part of the branding process. Consequently, you will be able to convey a powerful brand message that suits the tone of your brand. The most popular fonts for logos in 2022 will be:

  • Rounded Sans Serifs
  • High-Contrast Serifs
  • Quietly Quirky
  • Fluid and Simple Scripts
  • Rustic Serifs
  • Strong and Simple Sans
  • Chubby Retro


As one of the 2022 branding trends, minimalism continues to effects overall branding. Users want direct communication and want to put it in minimum effort to understand a brand. On the other hand, the brands need to make sure that they communicate with clarity. Basic shapes, simple text, limited color palettes and empty space are key elements to create an uncluttered aesthetic.

A formula for the success of simplicity is based on three pillars – practicality, comfort, and aesthetics. Design navigation should be simple, following a logical order and highlighting vital information correctly. Eliminating unnecessary information will provide the viewer’s eyes with the chance to rest.

Branded Memes

Branded memes are one of the known 2022 branding trends. Memes have become their own form of digital communication. There are a way to respond to relevant and current events, with a sense of humor. As a permeated mainstream communication, memes are an engaging way for brands to reach new audiences. Thus, in 2022, leverage the power of memes in your email newsletters, on social media, in videos and blogs. 

Online Communities

The previous year has made online communities an important part of branding. Communities provided consumers with social connections and a trusted, safe environment. There, they can interact with others and the brands they care about. They will stay relevant in 2022 for audiences and connected with both the brand and each other. Creating an online community for your audience can be a great way to connect with your audience. Ultimately, it can be a great way to increase brand awareness.

You can do it by inviting people to a Discord channel, Facebook group or exclusive virtual events. That way you can facilitate a sense of community. Moreover, building an online community can prove beneficial to your company’s ROI. In addition, it is also a great way to understand the wants and needs of your customers. Consequently, you can alter your future strategies based on the freshly gathered data.

Online communities are one of the trends for 2022.

Personal Brand Monograms

Monograms are one of the increasingly popular 2022 branding trends in the design field. Especially for individuals that have needed to brand themselves as a business. Moreover, they give the feeling that shoppers are buying something special. By uniting two or more initials in a single symbol, they’re a strong statement of who you are. They’re versatile enough to slot in the middle of business cards or the margins of web pages. Ultimately, that flexibility can help viewers appreciate your versatility.

Social Media Branding

In 2022, brands will try to exploit the most out of social media platforms. Social media has become a hotspot to attract leads or customers. Thus, brands will need to have a separate strategy for all mediums. Content, posting frequency, audience engagement, and even paid ads plan will vary for each social media. Having official hashtags, exclusive online communities, or message boards are some strategies for brands to think of.

Humanized Brand Personality

Brands should communicate as human as possible to establish a strong connection with the users. Hence, start responding to every comment on your posts and engaging with users. This helps in portraying the humane aspect of the brand and connecting with customers like peers. Attaching a personality to your brand is one of the timeless brand marketing trends. Humanizing your brand makes it easier for customers to trust you. Ultimately, this can help you become more approachable.

Technology-Based Brand Strategy

In 2022, brands will be using technology to stand out from the competition. Voice assistants, chatbots, and data analytics are other technologies that brands are starting to use. These will allow them to create better experiences for their potential customers and existing clients. In addition, it will help them make stay relevant in this fast-paced landscape. Hence, think about how your brand can offer real-life experiences to people sitting at home. Figure out which technologies work best for you and your customers and exploit them to the maximum. Tech-driven branding strategies will help you adjust according to the demands of customers more efficiently. Accordingly, technology use will allow you to craft data-driven campaigns.

Data-Driven Influencer Branding

Influencers will play a big part in modern brand marketing strategies for 2022. If you can get the right influencer, you will reach audiences that are interested in your niche. These people have already established themselves as an authority in their field. Moreover, they have an army of engaged audiences. In addition, influencers who speak for your brand will make it more trustworthy in the eyes of new leads. Influencers will become an integral part of the brand. Consequently, this will help position them as brand ambassadors and attract customers.

Brand Activism

Demonstrating how you’ve committed to the things you believe in has never been more important. Consumers want to interact with brands that share their values, from sustainability to social justice. Hence, find the best way to communicate your commitment to making positive change. Revisit your mission and vision and align them with your buyer persona. How your values and beliefs system fit in your audience’s life will determine whether they identify with your brand. Ultimately, if they become your loyal customers.

Brand activism is one of the trends for 2022.

Branded Visual Content

Branded visual content can improve company name recall and capture your audience’s attention. Producing visual content offers a more subtle form of advertising, which many consumers nowadays appreciate. Hence, brands need to realign their content generation and marketing strategies. That way they can produce more visually appealing content with subtle marketing. In addition, branded visual content allows them to generate new leads more effectively on social media.  

Official Hashtags

Official hashtags have become essential in the past few years and will continue to be in 2022. By using the official hashtags, you can extend your reach to gain new followers. They allow you to monitor how your consumers perceive your brand. Making it easy that way to formulate how to approach them. In addition, having specific hashtags for particular services allow you to see their impact on your customers. The use of branded hashtags for specific campaigns and ads will help you find user-generated content easier. With these, you can turn your loyal customers into brand ambassadors and boost trust in new clients.

Brand Authenticity

Brand authenticity is another one of the upcoming 2022 branding trends. Creating an authentic brand image is critical for modern businesses. The majority of statistics show that consumers would much rather do business with companies that are honest. As such, you can help customers learn a little bit more about what your brand does. Brand authenticity builds customer trust and consequently, improves brand reputation. Customers want honesty so you should do your best to be transparent about your operations.

Socially Responsible Branding

Consumers like brands with social responsibility campaigns because it allows them to make more purposeful purchases. In fact, 71% of customers purchase from organizations that shared their cause. Hence, strive to let your customers choose which advocacy to support with each purchase they make. As a result, it will attach a sense of purpose to their sale. Finally, it will make them feel like a part of something bigger. Committing to socially responsible branding can help in building a sense of community among your customers. Accordingly, it will keep improving retention in the long run.  


Branding is all about perception and trends in branding evolve to meet the perception of consumers. Now more than ever, brands need to be more thoughtful and conscious in their representation. Using the techniques above, keep up with connecting with your customers and audiences. Ultimately, by tapping into the 2022 branding trends, you will secure your position in the market.

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