16 Best YouTube Channels for Lawyers

There are more than 2.6 billion active monthly YouTube users. Many users not only watch content they’ve subscribed to but use the platform like a search engine when seeking answers to questions.

There’s a lot of content available on YouTube, and it also has tremendous potential for lawyers who want to learn new things and connect with their target audience.

We put this list together with the best channels for you to watch for your own education, professional growth, and entertainment. We also added lawyers doing well on YouTube to inspire you on how to engage your prospective clients.

Starting with five general channels worthwhile for the whole legal industry and then breaking into example channels from law firms who are getting YouTube right, you might even be motivated to launch your own channel.

1. Wild About Trial

With nearly 30,000 subscribers to date, this channel includes helpful information about trials, sentencing, and plea bargains for lawyers in the criminal space.

The channel owners also feature themselves answering important questions for lawyers about the criminal justice process mixed in with sentencing videos from trials, too.

This channel is inspiring because of the helpful tips for attorneys but also because the channel owners break down complex concepts in a way that makes them relatable and trustworthy at the same time. Both the general public and attorneys will find this channel fascinating.

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2. Bloomberg Law

This is a great channel for lawyers in any practice area. The channel features playlists broken down by what’s most relevant and interesting for you.

You’ll find explainer videos, panel conversations, and updates on important cases. Their Supreme Court playlist is great for someone keen to learn more about procedures there.

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3. American Bar Association

Every lawyer should subscribe to the ABA YouTube Channel to keep up with trending legal topics and new resolutions going in front of the association.

There are two interesting playlists here about women in the law and mentoring that are worth watching.

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4. Rankings.io

The Rankings.io channel is a must-view if you’re a personal injury lawyer looking to take your website rankings and SEO to the next level in the near future.

You’ll find practical advice from industry expert Chris Dreyer on what you need to know about setting up, managing, and getting results from your law firm SEO strategy.

You can also watch the PIMM Show and LawHer show on this channel. While PIMM (which stands for Personal Injury Mastermind) focuses on a range of topics relevant to those looking to scale a personal injury firm, LawHer features interviews with some of the boldest women in the legal industry.

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5. Angela Vorpahl

This channel primarily focuses on helping newer lawyers and law school students chart a path to success, but the advice is strong across the board.

If you’re thinking about making a switch to a different kind of practice or style of law firm, this channel has numerous behind-the-scenes videos aimed at helping everyone, from law school students to established legal services professionals.

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6. Lawyer You Know

With 186,000 subscribers, the branding and messaging are a standout for this lawyer’s channel. He’s made a name for himself in doing live reaction videos to trials, hearings, and sentencings that are popular in the news media, like the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard case.

He also mixes advice with his #BeaLawyer series that will help lawyers and civilians alike with a broad range of work-life tips. While the reaction videos are longer, the advice ones are usually no more than 20 seconds.

This mix of content keeps people paying attention and makes it easier to add new content to the channel more frequently.

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7. Shouse Law

This law firm has over 40,000 subscribers. Note their introductory video about all their main practice areas and their unique value proposition of representing “Davids” against “Goliaths.”

This firm is a strong contender for one of the best legal YouTube channels. Even though they have practice areas that cover workers comp, immigration, personal injury, and criminal, they still present good content for common questions each of those prospective clients may have.

Personal injury lawyers take note: this channel is not flashy but does great twice-weekly deep dives into common PI questions.

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8. Legal Eagle

With 2.72 million subscribers, Legal Eagle is run by a practicing litigator who aims to make the law more interesting and accessible to the general public.

His onscreen presence is engaging with great thumbnails and video titles sure to get attention from people scrolling on YouTube. Legal Eagle is a great example of both top of funnel content for lawyers and entertaining material.

He not only shares his thoughts about actual trials but dives into pop culture to break down concepts you’ve probably seen in shows like Better Call Saul.

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9. Lawful Masses with Leonard J. French

Billed as a legal education channel, French covers a lot of different case outcomes and interesting tidbits from ongoing litigation. If you love unique aspects of things that unfold in court, you’ll love the insightful videos posted on this channel.

Take note of the easy-to-read video thumbnails, too. He wears different hats in every episode as his schtick.

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10. The Real Estate Lawyer

Based out of North Carolina, Tiffany Webber answers common questions about titles, house closings, and selling properties from a lawyer’s perspective. She also goes behind the scenes to answer viewers’ questions about her journey into law, which adds a human element to her content marketing.

With 6600 subscribers, these videos are well-produced with clear audio and excellent lighting. The lawyer is approachable and intelligent about common questions that come up from clients.

These videos address people at all stages of the buyer’s journey, from those ready to hire a lawyer now to those thinking about purchasing or selling a home sometime in the near future.

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11. CLR Bruce Rivers

Criminal lawyer Bruce Rivers presents entertaining and educational videos designed to help the layperson or those accused of a crime better understand the justice system and all that comes with it.

He provides his insight on the dumbest criminals, various criminal cases and their outcomes, and reaction videos to testimony, judge’s statements, and evidence. With nearly 800,00 subscribers, his content strikes a chord with his audience.

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12. AA Legal Focus

This lawyer blends her own perspective on criminal justice issues and strange lawsuits with expert interviews of others in the industry.

The channel is rich with information and insight that give a positive spin on the lawyer’s expertise in her industry.

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13. Maneesha Mukhi

Immigration law is notoriously complex, and government websites and documents don’t make it any easier.

This immigration lawyer handles many questions about immigration, naturalization, citizenship, and various procedures that might come up for someone with a pending legal issue. With over 31,000 subscribers, the lawyer’s face and understanding language appear throughout almost every video.

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14. Morgan & Morgan

Morgan and Morgan uses a strong push for their focus on victims’ rights paired with a sense of humor to create videos that captivate and engage on their YouTube channel.

Most of the videos on this channel are tagged as “shorts” and look like commercials, which is a great way to keep viewers interested and repurpose marketing material.

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15. Illinois Divorce TV

Although a relatively new channel, this one is getting traction and views early on because of consistent branding and the lawyer answering some of the most common questions about getting divorced in Illinois.

This shows that even posting just one video a week has the potential to get your law firm’s name out there in a niche market.

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16. Consumer Warrior

This small channel is also an up-and-coming one. Although these topics are typically very dry for a consumer audience, he makes them interesting.

He also stays engaged with followers by doing frequent Q&A sessions. This underutilized tactic might bode well for plenty of other lawyers looking to create a YouTube channel this year.

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Lights, Camera Action: How to Use YouTube for Your Law Firm

Each of the channels above offer examples of what great legal videos can look like. What resonates with you? What did each lawyer or channel owner do well? If you were to create similar content or your own channel, how would you stand out from the competition?

When paired with other efforts like SEO and advertising, creating a YouTube marketing for lawyers can distinguish you from your competitors and help you turn audiences into clients.

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